Reviewing Kris Krohn Net Worth

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Kris Krohn, whose full name is Kristoffer Andrew Krohn, is an American author, businessman, motivational speaker, real estate investor, and YouTube personality. He’s been active in the real estate industry at a seemingly early age, becoming an investor as soon as he graduated from the Brigham Young University in the 1990s. Ever since then, he has become dedicated to teaching millions of people how to live a comfortable life and achieve financial freedom by, as he calls it, “unleashing their full potential and breaking through their limitations.” He’s been doing this through his various YouTube videos, online courses, and even his books.

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As a real estate guru, Kris teaches people how to invest in real estate, even if you only have a small capital with you. He’s always talking about these tricks to succeed in real estate business with no money and no credit. His method is called Home Equity Loan, and this is what seemed to make him incredibly successful. It works by getting a loan with little money down to buy the first home, then using the home as proof of equity to get a bigger loan from the bank, and using that another loan to buy another home and receive rent. So in an essence, you’re going to leverage several loans in order.

Here’s how it works. He cites himself as an example. What he did is that he bought a house loaded with equity of at least $150,000 and paid $110,000 for it. Then, he rented out the basement of the house to receive a rental that can cover the mortgage. After a year, with some equity in the first house, he approached the bank to get a home equity loan for $20,000. He then used the $20,000 to buy another house and rent it out. He earned $600 a month for that. He repeated the process of taking more loans from increased equity and buying more homes. And in a span of 4 years, he had 25 homes which paid him $12,000 a month in total.

Using the Home Equity Load method, he claims that the money that he’s earned from real estate investing is already enough to let him comfortably retire at the early age of 26. In addition, he also has his YouTube channel, which, at the time of writing, is current at 834k subscribers and still counting. As his videos are also receiving views that are in the range of thousands or so, you can expect that he’s also earning quite a bit of money from it. In addition, he founded two real estate companies in the mid 2000s, which are named The Strongbrook Group and REIC. The first one, The Strongbrook Group, is a real estate investment that creates clients from all of the United States. It was established in 2006. REIC, which is an abbreviation of “Real Estate Investors Club” is another real estate company that was founded a year later, in 2007.

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And from both of these companies, Kris Krohn was already earning more than an estimated $1 million. In addition, Kris Krohn has also written several books about real estate, that proved to be an immense help to aspiring real estate investors everywhere. His book, “Limitless”, released November 2017, has been considered a best-seller, and even spawned two sequels. They are titled “Limitless: Reclaim Your Powers and Unleash Your Potentials”, and “I Am Limitless: Powerful Statements That Inspire Greatness”, and these two also became best-sellers in their own right. Aside from those books, he also produced audio programs named “Enlightened Finance” and “The Ultimate Investment Experience” that focus on real estate and strategies to succeed in various business fields.

All of these successes came from Kris Krohn’s hard work and determination to succeed in real estate. And today, he’s now offering to other people his knowledge in real estate. He has also developed a system wherein you can cooperate with his team, meaning they will do the research and due diligence work for finding the right home for renting. And you provide the capital and credit for buying the home. This way, half of the work is done for you as you no longer have to settle for bad deals in real estate. His estimated net worth as of 2022 now amounts to 12 million dollars.

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