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Kris Krohn, along with his brother, has a new and affordable side hustle idea that they came up with. And it doesn’t involve any selling whatsoever. This means no dropshipping, no affiliate marketing, and it certainly doesn’t involve you bugging your family and friends to join some kind of marketing scheme whatsoever. He also claims that plenty of people at all levels of life are having success in this, whether they’re beginners or seasoned entrepreneurs. And it also works in any kind of market, especially this one. Kris says that if you want an easy way to make six figures of earnings faster, this is for you.

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For those who have no idea who this Kris Krohn is, he’s a successful YouTuber. According to his introduction video, he’s “a real estate investor with thousands of deals, a best-selling author of several books, a business coach, and a breakthrough mentor.” He also believes that you, too, can have the same level of success as he did. He also claims that he’s financially free since he was 26 years of age. This side idea hustle came about when, according to Kris, he tried to help his friend Trent who was in danger of losing his high-paying job due to the pandemic situation. He wanted to see if he could help him replace his income in 30 days. And the experiment just took on a life of its own.

A good business contains 3 important elements. The first one is marketing which can produce an overflowing number of leads. The second is a product that’s very high in quality, it basically sells itself. The third one is top-notch fulfillment, able to deliver their promises, and ideally, outsourced to professionals so it doesn’t take a lot of your time. Once you strike a good combination of these 3 elements, you can be assured that you’re on your way to achieving real freedom. Freedom not just in time, but in money as well. But what type of business should you do to achieve this? Kris says that he chooses his preferred business, based on 4 criteria.

The first criterion is that it should be able to produce high-profit margins. This is kinda obvious, as, of course, you’ll be needed to earn as much as possible. After all, it’s the reason you want to start a business, right? The second criterion is that there should be an endless supply of free, if not cheap, leads available. In other words, the niche your business is in should be providing for something that is needed by a lot of people, to the point that you don’t even have to come to customers, they should be coming to you of their own will. The third criterion is that it should be easy enough to do for anyone. If a business method is too complicated, then you’ll find yourself getting too tired to continue even doing it (despite the profit), and eventually, you may stop doing it completely. The final criterion goes hand-in-hand with the first, in that it must have the potential to make you a thousand dollars or more per hour spent working on it. By starting ventures that check all these boxes, Kris has been able to provide a life of luxury for his family.

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So what is that business idea that ticks all the boxes? The answer, Kris states, lies in your own backyard. It’s brokering out home project leads. “What I’m doing is disrupting the local handyman space by bringing online marketing to a sector that doesn’t do online marketing,” as stated by Kris. Basically, you’re going to market your home repair and installation business online, where you’ll be able to get much more leads than when you’re promoting your business offline, using conventional methods. And there are around 50 sub-niches that you can choose for this, ranging from house cleaning, deck refinishing, sod installation, and even appliance repairs. As they say, if you can generate a lead for under ten bucks, and the project could be worth a thousand or more (lifetime), well, that’s a valuable skill, isn’t it? Kris thinks so.

So let’s go back to Kris’s friend, Trent. He went after roofing leads, retaining walls, and sod installation. Three weeks later he had profited $8,844. And if you want to emulate Trent’s success, you can join him inside Kris’ training program, 7 Figure Hustle Pro. It consists of 6 hours worth of video training, 3 certified paid hustles (Facebook ads proven to convert), 10 proven free hustles (how to drum up business without paid ads), and 1 year of access to Kris Krohn’s 7 Figure Hustle private Facebook group. Additionally, there’s some bonuses that you can get if you buy it as soon as possible, such as lifetime access to the private Facebook group, 2 live event tickets that are held quarterly, and more.

The cost for 7 Figure Hustle Pro is $997. Comes with a triple your money-back guarantee, but you’d have to prove you did all the homework and you would have to attend a live event. There are plenty of side hustles that can pass the 3 important elements and 4 criteria that Kris Krohn states here, but if you want something that’s been proven to be stable and more meaningful in the long run, click the link below. It is proven because I myself have been using it to live my life comfortably and achieve that elusive financial freedom.

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