Digital Real Estate Secrets Review (James Kuck)

James Kuck

Digital Real Estate Secrets’ James Kuck posted a screenshot of his $11k check on his website. And you know what, it’s not really the dollah figure that caught my attention. Not even the date that is so last century [okay, not really, but 2020 is still quite dated]. Instead, it’s the silly ass handwriting. I swear, y’all could say that it’s written by a five-year old, and I wouldn’t bat an eye. Anyways, scroll below for the rest of my review.

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For a guy who’s trying waaay too hard to look like a chad in every photos, I don’t expect to see that handwriting at all. While he may not have written the check himself, I expect him to choose a better-looking one. Like, is that the only $11k check he got or what?

Alright, alright. In no way I’m trying to be, uh, kuck-y here. I understand that not everyone has a lotta big checks lying around. This whole situation just didn’t fit the vibes I get from James, as simple as that.

Before this turned to a full-blown handwriting and vibe check spectacle, let’s now talk about Digital Real Estate Secrets. In the squeeze page,it was mentioned that the course would go over the system James uses to build his digital empire.

Specifically, he’ll teach how he build his assets and recurring revenue with digital real estate, and doing rank and rent websites. Proven systems gets real predictable results as the headline on the site suggests.

If you’re curious on what’s his 10-step Secrets system and don’t want to cough you email address, it’s right here. The first five steps are as follows: Pick a niche, pick a city location, select correct domain name, conversion optimized website design [picking the correct theme, call-to-action], and tracking [use phone, form, and analytics trackers].

The rest are the following: Add all the specific on page SEO [internal linking, keyword optimization, image optimization] build off page SEO [backlinks, competitor analysis], find potential clients who are already buying leads, follow up and work up a deal with the said clients, and finally, rinse and repeat.

I didn’t elaborate that much ‘cause he didn’t either. He’s like, pick the correct this, pick the correct that. And that’s cool, the video where I lifted the system from is just a sneak peek of what’s in store for you if you join Digital Real Estate Secrets… cough Shallow content and disappointment… cough

Kidding [but not really] aside, here are all the training materials of Digital Real Estate Secrets: Over seventy five hours of over-the-shoulder video training [I’m seeing the term quite frequently on blog stuff, I notice], Optimus Prospecting Kings course, and Local YouTube Domination course [kinda out of place, but okay].

But wait, there’s more. You’ll also get access to email templates and cold calls scripts [wait, I thought we’re all about warm clients, no?], accountability checklists, developers and oursourcers, and private Facebook Mastermind group.

The price of Digital Real Estate Secrets? Well, the 2.0 version of Digital Real Estate Secrets cost a one time payment of $297 plus $97 if you purchase the upsell on the sales page. Comes with a 14-day money back guarantee as long as you haven’t go over 20% of the material within the refund period.

Digital Real Estate Secrets Review

Am I too harsh for a rather cheap course? Maybe, yeah. In my defense, I can’t help but see red when I saw a site claiming t’was $2,997 before. Ridiculous, right? It’s prolly just a typo, who knows. Regardless, I’d still advise y’all to skip Digital Real Estate Secrets for two reasons.

One, the course is too basic. You can learn pretty much everything here for free, so why pay? Then, two, he’s trying to be a guru in waaay too many business models. He got courses and/or videos on SMMA, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and even starting a YouTube channel. Feels like he’s the type to immediately jump ship once the grass is greener on the other side, and that’s a no-bueno.

That being said, I personally see the vision of doing local lead generation to generate recurring income online. It’s just learning it from James isn’t the way to go. Where is he even, anyways? Not seeing any posts from him since the year ‘21.

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