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Brian Kurtz admits that an ad copy is the least important part of what you sell. Until it becomes one. Once you have the right list of people to market and your offer has been chosen, that’s it. It becomes very important. Due to this, the messages and creativity you input can take you over the top. Brian doesn’t consider himself a copywriter, but he has learned a lot over the past fifty years working with the best copywriters. He came up with the seven aspects that all good copywriters have, which will be summarized below.

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Copywriting is not a commodity. It’s a specialty. As harsh as it may sound, you can’t just do it in a heartbeat, even if you’re a decent writer to begin with. Some say that it takes tens of thousands of hours of intense practice to master a complex skill. But Brian thinks that it can take upwards of fifteen thousand hours to completely excel in copywriting. When he studied all the A-list writers, the first quality he noticed was that they all seemed to have one thing in common. And that is hunger. A strong desire to continue, to work to improve in the long term.

The second quality he found among copywriters, is insatiable curiosity. Great copy is the result of a heinous amount of research. Something you will never do unless you are relentlessly curious. The third quality is feedback loops. To achieve this, you need to talk to some high-level colleagues so you can transmit your ideas, and let them guide you from the outside. What was unclear? What was left out? What was useless? The fourth thing is, of course, the passion. Burning passion for the craft, if you may. If you are passionate about what you write, that makes all the difference.

The fifth quality is knowledge of direct marketing. RFM. Recency, frequency, monetary value. LTV. Lifetime value. Also the rule of 41-39-20. In terms of overall results, the lists carry the most weight at around 41% percent. The offer comes in second at 39% percent. A distant third is a 20% copy. It may be confusing at first, that’s why you may need an extensive study of marketing to understand all of this. The sixth quality of excellent copywriters is humility. Understanding that you won’t always know everything, and that you should always be open to growth and feedback.

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The seventh and final quality, for lack of a better term, would simply be your job. Everything you’ve done so far. The winners as well as the losers. With a focus on why those pieces didn’t perform so well. This requires very careful analysis, as some things won’t be visible if you don’t look at them very carefully. Brian puts it last because it won’t be visible until the previous six are in place in your copy. Another thing he points out is that some of your best things can be found on the cutting deck floor, or your draft. Little things that you thought you couldn’t use for some reason.

You can’t just be all-talk, you also have to back up your words with action, and especially, good results. When you say you’re partnering with a client and doing all the writing work, you really have to give it your all. Are you ready to spend 2 days interviewing the product developer? Constantly listening to customer service calls? Are you willing to meet with marketers, media buyers, salespeople, and other stakeholders constantly? Can you go the extra mile to get the information you might otherwise miss?

Because you’re going to have to do all of these if you want to excel in copywriting. A copywriter who’s able to get conversions that are in excess of 100%. By knowing all of these qualities and implementing them, your copywriting skills will greatly improve. You can develop these on your own, but if you want to best results, then you may need a mentor to guide you with this. Brian Kurtz’s mastermind can be a good solution for this, if you want. In addition, he can pair you with someone who has these 7 copywriting attributes he just reviewed. Maybe even someone who’s written extensively for your industry. Book a call with his team to learn more. There’s no mention of how much it costs.

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