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Jim Kwik’s expertise is in improving your brain performance. Because a good memory is critical for modern business. He’s been pursuing brain improvement for 3 decades, teaching others to improve their memory, read faster, and studying more effectively. And so, in collaboration with Mindvalley, he has created a masterclass dedicated to unlocking your brain’s full potential. Do you have too much to read and too little time? Do you buy books that sit on your shelf collecting dust? Would you like to have a laser-like focus to not only finish them but retain more of what you read? If your answer to all of this is a yes, then this may be something for you.

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Jim starts off with this statement. “Imagine if you could read and understand one book a week; fifty-two books a year. Imagine if you could retain everything that you read. Imagine if you had energy and focus while you read. Imagine the confidence you would have to be able to build your business learning from people who are experts in their field, in any category, who wrote a book.” With Jim’s Super Reading online course, it’s possible, he claims. It takes you from shelf-help to self-help.

Jim them adds, “We’re gonna take you through a very simple, easy, and fun process to build the new you. We know all behavior is belief-driven. And here’s the truth. there is no such thing as a good or bad reader. There’s just a trained reader and an untrained reader. The problem? Most of us haven’t had the training since elementary school. And that’s not sufficient to get us through the world we live in today.” It first starts by taking you to a 15-minute speed-reading masterclass hosted by Jim himself, where you’ll learn Jim’s science-backed secret to read faster and absorb more of what you read.

Once you’re done with that short masterclass, you’ll then be taken to the actual offer itself, an opportunity to join the full Super Reading online course. The entire course length of Super Reading is 4 hours, 58 minutes long, and contains a total of 21 lessons designed to be taken at one lesson per day. After that 21-day course period, Jim promises that Super Reading will triple your reading speed. Not only that, but you’ll have boosted levels of focus, comprehension, retention, and overall enjoyment. He says that you being a slow reader is just a complete lie, and you can’t go any faster.

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The lessons contained in Super Reading can also be broken down into various categories, just so it’s more clear for you. In lessons 1-2, he introduces you to speed reading, how it can be beneficial to you, and the results you can expect from becoming a quick reader. It also lets you know about the concept of balancing between reading speed and retention. In lessons 3-5, Jim will now give you the tools to increase your reading speed. He also shows you how you can adjust your reading speed according to what you’re reading, as well as the pros and cons of different reading postures.

Lessons 6-8 aim to help you “unlearn” more of what you were taught at school, and gives you two new techniques to try to help build your reading speed, such as the “Infinity Technique” and the “1-2-3 Technique.” Lessons 9-11 now focus on a different aspect of your reading, and now works on increasing your comprehension, while still retaining your speed. He also introduces various exercises such as juggling to allow your mind to multi-task and help utilize your peripheral vision. Lessons 12-15 elaborate more on the previous lessons, and seeks to increase your reading comprehension even further using various ways. He also encourages you to challenge and ask questions about the material you’re reading.

Lessons 16-17 then gives you some topics on how you can give your brain a much-needed break, after all that reading. After all, being focused too much all the time will eventually lead to burnout. Lessons 18-21 feature some lessons on developing the proper mindset, checking up on the progress you’ve made during the entire 21-day curriculum, and words of encouragement from Jim Kwik to set yourself good habits and to continue with the daily challenges you’ve been set on this course from now on.

Jim Kwik’s Super Reading masterclass costs $349, or you can elect to pay three monthly payments of $129. Alternatively, you can buy a Mindvalley membership for $499 per year, which includes this course, plus all of the other courses inside Mindvalley. Honestly, though, it’s better if you just pay for the Super Reading masterclass standalone, as personally, it’s one of the better Mindvalley courses out there. It does seem like Jim knows his stuff. So if you think you need to get into a personal development course to improve your productivity in any job, then this is a worthwhile investment. The upsells from Mindvalley may be annoying, though. Just don’t mind them.

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