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Land Profit Generator Review (Jack and Michelle Bosch)

Jack and Michelle Bosch

Land Profit Generator (LPG) is a program that’ll teach you how to become a real estate investor without buying houses. From its name, what you’re after is, ehem, generating profits from flipping lands that are usually empty lots. Founder of LPG  and “The Land Guy” himself Jack Bosch mentions that LPG’s method is just as effective as traditional real estate investing but with much less competition. Continue reading below to find out whether LPG is really offering a legit superior method or not.

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In a YouTube video featuring Jack, he revealed some details on his very first deal and how an average person could replicate it with ease by joining LPG. So, this is how the deal goes according to Jack: he found an acre of vacant land somewhere in northern Arizona. The previous owner simply wants to get the land off his hands quickly, so he can  move out of state with a clean slate. The things you do after a divorce, I guess? The said circumstance led Jack to snatch the land for a very low “under the market” price of $400. Without any marketing chops that time, he was able to sell it to a guy from the same neighborhood who offered to buy it for $4,000. He said yes, obviously, and the rest was history.

I have so many questions about Jack’s story. To me, he just got extremely lucky if this were true at all. As we all know, luck can’t be taught in any course, including LPG. Especially the type of luck where the stars seem to align perfectly. Who else would be so desperate to sell their lot that low when the average price is around $3,900 per acre in AZ? Guy could be heartbroken, but not necessarily a dumb mf. Also, how did an equally desperate buyer a few blocks away the lot wasn’t able to hook his deal with the previous owner? Make it makes sense.

Anyway, that’s the gist of the method taught in LPG. First, find distressed owners who are highly motivated to sell their vacant lots quickly. Those people are usually the ones behind on taxes. Second, get the lot under contract with the owner. Third, find a buyer and sell it with a markup. As simple as one-two-three-profit, am I right? Jack seems to make it sound too easy to do, but it’s really not that easy. You’re selling pricey lands here and not some cent-a-piece candy.

Regarding the course, there’s three options for you to choose from. They are named as follows: LPG Success Package, Land Profit Maximizer, and Land Profit Coaching. To start, LPG Success Package is Jack and Michelle’s core offer to get you started in the land flipping biz. It contains LPG 2.0 training materials, 4 months of Investment Dominator CRM, and templates for contracts and letters. The said option of LPG costs $2,497 one time payment or $997 monthly installments for four months.

Land Profit Generator Review

Meanwhile, the Land Profit Maximizer includes everything from LPG Success Package plus a  2-day live workshop. As expected, the price will be higher compared to the LPG’s first option at $8,000.

Finally, the Land Profit Coaching contains everything from Land Profit Maximizer plus coaching – daily group coaching, one-on-one coaching, and accountability coaching. The price of LPG’s most premium option is a whopping $40,000.

For the price alone, I won’t recommend LPG. Even the software included is too expensive at $197 a month after the free four month subscription included in the course. Besides, I don’t think that the course deserves a hefty price tag when one of the strategies is just spamming hundreds of emails (through their proprietary software) until one clicks. And from the reviews I’ve seen so far, none of them got any success in snagging a client from using such (as expected). Not surprising from a guy who just got lucky or worse, just peddling some BS (just like how he inflated his number of deals before) to sell his and his wife’s course. 

Most importantly, land flipping is not so different, or maybe even worse, than the usual house flipping. It might be cheaper than buying a house, but land is still a real estate property aka still expensive af. It’s also easier to get stuck with a land that won’t sell. Remember, you can’t add much improvement over a land to make it more appealing to buyers unlike houses. Bottomline is I don’t recommend both when there’s a biz with less risk and less capital requirement out there. Like the digital counterpart of real estate, for example.

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