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Digital Landlord Review (Modern Millionaire)

Modern Millionaire

Modern Millionaire is a program founded by Chance Welton and Abdul Farooqi that’ll turn you into a digital landlord. Isn’t that bad if you’re like the usual landlords portrayed by the media? According to Chance Welton in an ad, don’t worry since it doesn’t mean you’ll be a heartless greedy bastard that chases people off their property. In fact, you’ll be one of the good guys (or gals) as you’ll help local businesses thrive with your service. Read on for my review below.

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First off, how would you help local businesses as a digital landlord? As we all know, businesses need customers who are ready to buy their products and/or service. And these customers don’t necessarily come and present themselves to businesses until they do something to bring ‘em in. As a small-time local biz, they can’t expect a “main character” moment where everyone in your area, even their mothers and mother of their mothers, knows the biz. They probably don’t.

Not until you came in, the badass savior of these no-name brands. What you’ll do as a digital landlord is set up Google ads as your digital real estate property. The local biz that’ll rent the said property will have their target “ready-to-buy” customers flock to them IRL.

How come these simple lil ads hook the target customers? It’s a no-brainer concept, really. Let’s say you need some work on your teeth right now. Assuming you’re not a know-it-all b*tch, what you’ll normally do is ask Google. You’ll probably type “Teeth really hurts, dentist near insert-wherever-you-are place” or something along those lines on the search bar. Press enter and BAM, the top results of the search should include the simple lil ads. And just like in Amazon listings, you’ll probably pick the one you see right away.

Get it? The people who usually search for local businesses near ‘em are highkey serious about getting the products and/or services right away. All they need is info that’ll lead to something and usually, they set their eyes on what comes first on their search results. And you, a digital landlord, have the power to make the ads appear at the top. Businesses want their names plastered at the top too so they’ll pay you to set those simple ads for them. That’s what the founders of Modern Millionaire in Chance and Abdul say, anyway.

To start your journey to becoming a digital landlord, Chance and Abdul will offer you a 2-hour masterclass that includes some info on the biz. The said training that costs $9.94 doesn’t have enough info to set your ads, though. It’s just a sales pitch to Modern Millionaire’s pricier offers, a start to their sales funnel.

Digital Landlord Review

Can’t help but yawn here. Not-so-fun fact, I’ve reviewed these guys before so it’s f*cking obvious to me that this will be an upsells galore. Disappointed but not surprised. It’s a pretty good business model too, but Modern Millionaires f*cked up with the execution. And it’s not even entirely on them being bad at this, they just don’t give a damn about your success once you already hand ‘em your bag. Imagine bringing up sh*tty landlords in an ad when you’re just as bad, that’s the level of audacity from Chance and Abdul. Modern millionaires who? It’s more like modern thieves.

Obviously, I won’t recommend Modern Millionaire. BUT if you’re still curious about the price, then let me spill it to ya. The Modern Millionaire DIY package that contains training modules, daily mentoring calls, Ad System, Funnels, Automated Lead Nurturing, and access to an active Facebook group costs $5,000. Add 90-day Agency bootcamp, 2 three-hour calls of coaching weekly, and constant accountability mentorship on top of that and you’ll get the DWY package that costs $10,000. Make everything pre-built and that’s the Modern Millionaire’s DFY package with a $25,000 price.

For the price alone, you’ll see how eyebrow-raising it is. Okay, I’ll personally pay a premium for a lead generation course, but to what extent? Definitely not $25,000 to get into a heavily criticized program like Modern Millionaire, that’s for sure. There’s a reason that the previous version of this program, Modern Middlemen, is shut down for good. And it’s because Chance and Welton have been money leeches from the start. Unwarranted price for a crappy training (outdated, subpar presentation, and too short like my patience towards scammers), fraudulent charges, fake refund policy… you name it. That’s what the Modern Millionaires program does on a regular basis. Just NO… pretty please?

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