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Blogging Fast Lane Review (Tom Rogers & Anna Faustino)

Tom Rogers & Anna Faustino

Tom Rogers & Anna Faustino of Blogging Fast Lane crossed paths in a rather serendipitous manner. During his vacay, Tom simply wanted to try ‘em out sleds, and he ended up rolling down the hill without it. Anna captured his goofy ass in her GoPro, and after that straight-outta-Looney-Tunes encounter, they just clicked. They frequently bump into each other in places they don’t expect seeing one another… It’s like the universe telling ‘em that they’re meant to be together.

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Maybe they are indeed meant to be ‘cause not only did they travel together ever since [a world traveller for a decade and counting], they also have a course together in Blogging Fast Lane. And the latter is thanks to them finding a way to make money out of their [shared] passion.

As their course’s name suggests, it’s through launching a blog. They started one back in 2015 called Adventure In You, a travel blog. Despite the rocky start, it eventually became profitable after a couple years.“And then in another two years, it was past six figures,“ Tom added.

They knew how starting a blog from ground up could be a huge struggle. Which is why they decided to create Blogging Fast Lane to educate people how to navigate through the hurdles and profit from blogging.

The goal is to build a blog [not necessarily a travel-focused one] that would make you, the creator, live life on your terms. Y’know, just like how Adventure In You enabled Tom and Anna to have the time, location, and financial freedom to work whenever, wherever.

Oh wait, regarding your end game here, it’s not just any blog, but a blogging affiliate machine. Which means you’ll monetize the traffic you get via affiliate marketing. The couple says it’s the proven way to build, grow, and earn from your blog strategically.

With that said, let’s go over what’s inside Blogging Fast Lane and their Accelerator offer. The main one is their eight-week core video training. Week one is all about transforming your mindset to a “fast lane blogger” and finding your blue ocean— an unsaturated market space, essentially.

On the other hand, weeks two and three is about learning the principles behind successful affiliate marketing. Starting with the basics up to more advanced ones such as optimizing your links for conversions.

Next is week four with a module focused on building your online authority and creating amazing content. It goes hand-in-hand, you’ll gain more trust as you continue making quality articles rather than churning out lots of irrelevant garbo. And more trust means more authority for your blog and better ranking of your articles.

Then, weeks five and six will walk you through everything you need to know [or so they say] about SEO. They’ll reveal how can you get lotta traffic by publishing SEO-optimized articles. They mention how you gotta remain “omnipresent” with your blog to help with ‘em SEO rankings.

Finally, weeks seven and eight is about setting up trust marketing, and ways to launch and automate such. Who would’ve thought that a simple, one-click automation process [building an email list] is essentially the key to more traffic and more affiliate income? Not me, quite frankly.

Besides the core training, you’ll also get written transcripts to supplement the video lessons, workbooks, twelve-month road map with focused targets and monthly goals, and exclusive access to a community group.

The price to get all of these in Blogging Fast Lane? Well, Blogging Fast Lane cost a one time payment of $697 or four monthly payments of $199 each [$796 in total]. Not the most expensive course out there, but can’t say it’s cheap either.

Blogging Fast Lane Review

Personally, for a course more suited for beginners, I think the price is a bit steep. A previous student, someone with a bit of SEO knowledge prior, mentions that she didn’t learn new things in the course that much. Paying that many bucks for the convenience of getting the basics laid out rather than searching yourself for free is not worth it IMHO.

While I don’t see any bad reviews besides the one I mentioned above, I’m still not keen on recommending Blogging Fast Lane because of two things. I’m not a fan of one, their business model (I detailed why on my previous reviews); and two, their all-questions-asked refund policy.

IDK, I can’t see myself, or anyone at all, complete the requirements— watching the entire eight-week worth of video lessons and doing every workbook exercises, road map, action pit stop, and all the random shit that needs to be processed— in just ninety days or less. Very uninspiring policy unlike the couple’s love story. Can’t have it all, I guess.

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