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Tyler Knudtson is just your regular guy from Wisconsin. Honestly, he doesn’t even have anything much to show off. And he claims to have tried every single side hustle that he could do while looking for a full-time job back then. Selling on Amazon, delivering packages around town in his car, editing videos of random high school sports games from across the country, pretty much almost everything we can think of. All of these did a good job of earning some extra income, but most of them are either too time-consuming, too inconsistent, or pay too low.

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It was then that he discovered AirBNB. As you may be aware right now, Airbnb dominates the home-sharing, short-term rental, and home-sharing industries. Airbnb’s revenue is likely to jump up to $10 billion by 2022, up from $ 1.5 billion presently, according to the Wall Street Journal. Seeing the potential in such a business, Tyler Knudtson decided to try it out for himself. He started to list his own place on AirBNB online. And it proved itself to be a wise decision, with him being able to earn much more than what he has earned previously.

But things also aren’t as easy as they seem at first. He doesn’t even know how to put up a good profile for his rented property, so as to attract would-be renters. Even worse, negative public reviews have plagued his property rental business, which could’ve hurt his revenue even more. But nevertheless, Tyler was able to pick up, and was able to bounce back to the point that he doesn’t have to worry about if the money he earns monthly would be enough to sustain him, even with all the expenses that he has. He fell in love with the AirBNB business model, and since then, he has never looked back.

Tyler Knudtson claimed to be quite excited about his success in the business, he then began to share his success with every friend, family member, and even the local gas station attendant that would listen, because he knew, and he believed, they could get the same results. And this spurred the creation of the Laptop Landlord. It’s named as such due to the online nature of the business. You can do this business from anywhere. To your home, while on vacation, etc. As long as you have access to a computer and an internet connection, it’s possible. This training program will show you how Tyler was able to be successful on AirBNB for 5 years, even if he just treats this as a side income.

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Laptop Landlord can work for just about anyone who is involved with the AirBNB business. Starting from scratch and want to make your first $1,000 from AirBNB? Laptop Landlord can assist you with it. Already have a listing and a few guests, but now you need more consistent bookings? It can also assist you in achieving that. Your AirBNB side hustle is doing well, and you’re now ready to turn this into a full-time thing? Laptop Landlord can also help you in scaling so that you can earn more from it. To apply, you first have to sign up with your name and email. Once you do, you’ll be sent an email containing a PDF file which contains Tyler Knudtson’s tips on AirBNB hosting.

The PDF file is actually just full of links that takes you to Tyler’s blog, and from there, you’ll find some articles about various AirBNB tips, coming from different sources. The content there is divided overall into 8 chapters, dealing with various topics, and at the end, there’s a brief word from Tyler about his thoughts on AirBNB, which are titled “Tyler’s Takes.” The PDF also contains a link from which you can book a call to learn more about his training program.

As for the cost? The Laptop Landlord PDF book is totally free. But do expect that there are going to be several upsells inside the program. AirBNB is overall a great business to get started, as it now accounts for less than 1% of the hospitality industry, but exponential growth is expected as consumers become more aware of and prefer “shared hospitality” and short-term stays over traditional hotels. Nevertheless, it’s not going to be as consistent as anyone can claim, especially during this period. Where travel restrictions are in place.

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