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Launchers Academy is a new online course that aims to teach people how to succeed in the dropshipping business. It is created by the eCommerce experts Jaiden Vu, Melissa Ng, and Christy Liu. They claim to accomplish this by imparting the right methods, tools, and techniques to make money in dropshipping the right way. They say that through the Launchers Academy program, you’ll be able to build your own successful dropshipping business in just 90 days, and without wasting any further of your time and money at all. The key here is what Jaiden Vu calls the “Product Matrix.” Let’s learn more about it in this Launchers Academy review.

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The three founders of Launchers Academy, namely Jaiden, Melissa, and Christy, started their eCommerce business before with virtually no experience whatsoever. They have zero knowledge on picking the right products, or even running paid Facebook ads. Needless to say, their sales were less than stellar back then. But they understand that it needed to change if they wanted to succeed in dropshipping, so they spent several dollars trying various online courses, and even various methods that are said to help succeed in the dropship model. After two months of trial and error, they had hit five figures in sales.

Jaiden Vu says in his video advertisement, “We spent countless hours working with different mentors and mapping out and putting together strategies on what works and what doesn’t work, as a team. Our product matrix is a step-by-step product research system to find winning products and build a profitable dropshipping business. Using this method, our clients went from not knowing how to find good products at all, to now running their own dropshipping stores and bringing in sales.”

Christy Liu then follows it up with this statement. “What most people do is that they sit on AliExpress for hours, just hoping to come across a good product. They invest in programs that end up pretty much being a huge disappointment in delivering the results promised. Then they run some ads, spend a few hundred dollars, and see no results at all. Which leaves them spending hours and hours trying to learn and not knowing how to move forward. Plus spending more money just to be back at square one.”

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What makes Launchers Academy claims to stand out from the other eCommerce course is its “Product Matrix” strategy. Here’s the idea behind it. An important element in your online store is, of course, your products should sell a lot. Unfortunately, some store owners fail to accomplish this because the products they sell aren’t “hot” enough. The product matrix strategy aims to solve that. Based on their claims, 90% of the products in various niches end up underselling, or not even selling at all. So if you can find the 10% winners, you’ve basically secured a part of your success. Launchers Academy designed their product matrix strategy to help you identify trending products that solve a big problem and have great margins. This way, you’ll know you have a winner before risking a single penny on paid ads.

Melissa Ng then chimes in with this pitch. “Now, when you do this right, you can make five figures within only two months of dropshipping. You can quickly filter through products and find winners. And you can see immediate sales after launching your store and ads. Build your winning dropshipping business within ninety days without wasting anymore time or money.” Launchers Academy will help you ease up on your process of finding the best product niche to sell. You don’t have to scroll through AliExpress for most of your time just to find that winner. They also claim that this is the only dropshipping online course that you’ll need to invest on, ever. Because while the others don’t deliver on their success, Launcher Academy does.

So if you’re interested in dropshipping and wanted something that can help you in building, launching, marketing, and even scaling your online business, then you can check out Launchers Academy. Book a call with their team to learn more. There’s no mention on how much it costs, and it’s only mentioned on the call. It also has plenty of positibr testimonials about the course, but I still have some plenty of doubts if those are real or not. At the very least, though, they’re honest on the fact that you still need a bit of a hustle and a positive mindset to truly succeed in this course. Which is true as dropshipping is a very competitive business venture right now…

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