Laura Beverlin Net Worth

Maintaining a lifestyle blog could be considered an art form. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to carefully curate a lifestyle that other people could easily emulate. There’s a lot of things you have to be aware of when trying to persuade people to do something. It’s more than just about selling a lifestyle. You’re actually selling products that you feel would help your readers. An emotional connection happens as the words flow through the screen. And you’re not just selling a product. You’re also selling an idea of yourself that hopefully other people can relate to. That’s what goes on in the life of a lifestyle blogger like Laura Beverlin. There is a certain amount of care being considered for every work typed down and every photo taken. And I guess that’s why she has reach this kind of net worth in her career as a blogger.

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I was surprised when I found out that bloggers typically earn decent amounts of money running their blog. For a career that’s mostly connected online, you would never really think that they’d be earning consistently. A part of that is because it’s hard to get eyeballs onto your website and retain an audience from that. But brands love to get content creators, an umbrella term that includes bloggers, to sell their product or service. It makes sense, though. Content creators have built up an audience in a certain space and you’re a brand that’s trying to sell a product targeted for that audience.

Similar to my review of Mark Beverlin’s net worth, there aren’t a lot of personal details about Laura Beverlin that’s readily available online. In a Q&A video that Laura and Mark did on her vlog, which included an ad for a meal kit service, they kind of gave a few answers that people have about their personal lives. From what I gathered, both Laura and Mark were both born in big families. Laura worked a corporate job, an accountant or similar to that, for a few years. She was great at that job but she didn’t really enjoy it that much. But it was during her years working a corporate job that lead her to her current career path.

During her years at corporate, she would often post selfies of her work outfit on Instagram. It’s a very relatable thing do, honestly. I’ve posted a few outfit posts on Instagram every now and then. It was until she read a few lifestyle blogs that she decided to quit her job and pursue a career in blogging full-time. At that point, she was already in a relationship with Mark. So she had somebody to help her through the ups and downs of making a career change. It’s actually really hard to start a new blog in this day and age. Because there are already established voices in the blogging world. How do you stand out?

Fortunately, Laura managed to find a niche for her blog. In the about page of her website, she basically explains what exactly she does. She writes blog posts that feature products that are readily available in places that are accessible to them. Style doesn’t have to be expensive. Clothes that you can buy in a tried and tested department store is enough. You just have to sell the look. From then on, Laura’s readership rose. And it became her livelihood. So much so that they were able to buy a farm that they consider their forever home. And that property largely factors into her net worth of around $1,000,000. It’s not bad for somebody who writes and posts pictures online.

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