Leadspring ISA Review

Leadspring ISA

Leadspring ISA is Austin Benton’s company where he, Austin, helps realtors get listing appointments. If you’re familiar with real estate terms, you’ll easily know what he and Leadspring ISA does upon seeing the company’s name alone. I’m referring to it having ISA in its name, which is short for Inside Sales Agent. Basically, the endgame for these ISAs are to convert leads to (listing) appointments. That’s their thang, alright, but are they worth investing in? Find out below.

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Austin only listed out getting listing appointments on his Linkedin bio, but he and his company does more in reality. They’re doing all the tasks you’ll expect from the typical ISAs. As in from A to Z. Listing appointments is the endgame for sure, but you also need to get the leads first. Leadspring ISA got ya back on that.

They’re more than converting leads into listing appointments is the point I’m trying to make. Although, if you ever came across their website first, you might assume the opposite. That, y’know, they’re just a lead generation company. Scratch that because, again, they’re not just that. They’re two in one. 

They do give you the option to get the leads yourself, though. That’s why they have two different offers, one with only lead conversion, and the other with lead generation AND lead conversion. You’re free to select whatever, it’s your call. Or maybe, you should select nothing at all if I found them to be dogsh*t or something. Are they?

I’ll say this early, but I don’t think Leadspring ISA is THAT bad. In fact, they actually seem decent. But hey, that’s not only the possible reason why it won’t be worth investing in them. Just saying. You might ask, am I giving y’all spoilers? Well, it’s for you to find out. Be patient and continue reading my review until the end, um-kay?

Seriously, I won’t drop my verdict until I’m finished checking them out. And what I haven’t done yet, the sh*t withholding me from spilling the tea, is discussing the nitty-gritty of Leadspring ISA offers. Let’s jump right in and start discussing it right away, shall we?

Starting with their lead conversion only offer, Leadspring ISA calls it as ISA Call Center. Here, you’ll get fifty or more of your provided leads get called by Leadspring ISA’s “competent, enthusiastic, and thoughtful” USA-based agents. The said call is their attempt to convert those leads into listing appointments. Should be obvious, duh! Anyway, this Leadspring ISA’s offer cost $250 a month or essentially, at least $5 per called lead.

Meanwhile, their offer with both lead generation and lead conversion is called Listing On Demand. Not only will they work exclusively for you, they also give you the option to choose the location of your leads. And oh, they won’t be tying you up with long term contracts nor retainers. The price of this offer? Leadspring ISA didn’t list it out publicly, but my conservative estimate would be a cost starting at $1,000 a month.

Leadspring ISA Review

So, for the much awaited revelation, what are my thoughts on Leadspring ISA? Are they worth the investment? To me, they could’ve been worth it if they have enough social proof to back it up. And they don’t have enough, simply put. The potential is there (sample calls are decent), but I’ll play it safe and say they’re not worth investing for now. Not when they can’t prove that their service gets results.

They did get eighteen reviews on Endorsal dot io, but I don’t find it credible enough. Why, you can’t really update your reviews there when needed. Take the review of a certain Hillary of Compass Real Estate for example. It took her time, but she did eventually realize that Leadspring ISA didn’t work out for her. Goes on to warn buyers because she didn’t list anything at all. Yet her review is still rated with a perfect five stars because she can’t change it. Hell nah to that.

Also, why invest in Leadspring ISA if you can just avoid real estate altogether. I mean, the choice is either doing the very draining real estate stuff like cold-calling and prospecting by yourself, or paying others an obscene amount of cash to do it on your behalf. I see both as a lose-lose situation. In other words, the real estate industry is simply not forgiving to beginners and/or people with limited funds alike.

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