The Profit League Review (Jeff, Jessica Samis)

Jeff, Jessica Samis

The Profit League gives the visitor of its site a choice. It’s either you compete with them or compete against them. Does it make sense? If you’re just stopping by to look and nothing else, then it doesn’t because they’re not an actual competition like their name suggests. But once you’re on the other side of Jeff and Jessica Samis’ course, it somehow does. The reason why it makes sense all of a sudden is revealed in my review below.

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The answer to the question above is quite simple, really. It’s just the modules of The Profit League  having photos from various sports leagues as its major motif. The overall aesthetics if I may add. Not an odd choice given that the Samis love sports. They even got candid photos of them watching MLB games live at the stadium. Repping the Dodgers too with their caps.

You can’t say the same on the homepage that’ll welcome any random web visitors, though. The design is just an uninspired white text over a black backdrop. Without the program’s logo too with the “TPL” branding which is kinda similar to what the NFL got. Not including the course preview, there’s literally none on the front page that hints at their league aesthetics.

Regardless, I don’t think anyone would’ve thought that it’s about building a “lifestyle agency” free from bosses with bad breath, draining commutes, puny paycheck, and suffocating schedule… Don’t be confused, it’s just their cutesy “digital marketers” way of saying that you’ll be working with ClickFunnels and Facebook ads. Heck, I would’ve not thought to myself that this is about internet marketing or something similar at first glance. 

Exploring is a must here to get to the nitty-gritty. I did and oh boy, the outdated vibes they’re projecting off the screen with their sh*tty ass videos are not a good look for their course that teaches Facebook ads. Not at all. They even acknowledged it themselves. Told loud and clear that Facebook ads are always changing its algorithm, so frequent course updates to keep up with that is a must. “What works now may not work in the future,” Jeff added regarding the consistent changes. Yeah, riiight. How about walking the talk now?

It’s not just the archaic looking videos, though. It seems like there’s been no updates to it for at least three years now. You can even say that the course, including the YouTube channel and Facebook page linked to it, is completely abandoned by the Samis now. Weird that they left the course site running at it is despite it. It costs money to let it be like that, y’know. It’s either they just don’t give a damn ‘bout wasting money for nothing or they’re still somehow selling the very outdated course.

Profit League Review

Obviously, it would not be wise to purchase The Profit League course under any circumstance. Could be alright many years ago, but not today. And yes, I’m giving ‘em props because I agree with some of their ways. Like writing ads exactly like you talk if you can get away with it and being brutally honest if needs be. These are his takeaways with the funny used car ad that’s been circulating the web for ages and I agree with ‘em wholeheartedly.

Their copy is also easy on the eyes, although it’s slightly ruined by their obsession to hit enter every mfkin sentence. Still, their course The Profit League is not a recommended buy to me. Sending more customers to businesses requires more than just being good at copywriting. And their paid ads of choice, Facebook ads, is something I won’t recommend f*cking around with. It’s too costly, too chaotic with the algorithm updates, and too problematic with their AIs handing bans left and right. No thanks.

Above all, the course itself is too expensive for what it’s worth. I’m talking about the price of The Profit League one dollar shy of $4,000. $3,999! I’m not against pricey investments, but, at least, make it a worthy one. The Profit League, from all the things I mentioned above, is far from being worth it. So, for the nth time, I won’t recommend purchasing The Profit League. Like, seriously, it’s abandoned, it’s old, and it’s not aging like fine wine at all.

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