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Leapvista is a Singapore-based company which provides various training programs related to e-commerce. Their aim is to provide others with the tools and strategies that are needed, not only to start an e-commerce business, but to grow and scale it as well. They claim that they can do this through various proven strategies and frameworks. Their mission is to become the number one e-commerce education company in the world. They’re also known for their rather convincing sales talks, and somewhat aggressive marketing campaign, most especially on social media (YouTube most of the time). But how can they stand out against other e-commerce training programs prevalent today? Let’s find out in this Leapvista review.

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The Leapvista company was founded by the brothers Steve and Evan Tan. Between the two of them, Steve was clearly the more business-minded guy, as he had plenty of online business ventures in the past. He had been active on eBay auctions, and even founded a watch company called Kreyos. However, most of them closed eventually, leading to Steve’s depression. But thanks to his brother Evan, he was able to bounce back. And together, they opened up a new e-commerce store, and are now currently making around seven figures in their most successful days because of this.

Other personnel who are associated with the Leapvista company include: Steve Tan as the current CEO, Shannon Goh as the current COO, and Gabriel Wong as the current CMO. Meanwhile, Benjamin Tan is the chief trainer who specializes in Amazon FBA.

The Leapvista company offers two courses: eCom Domination, and AMZ Elite. Currently, however, only the eCom Domination course is available. AMZ Elite is listed on their website, but it still can’t be accessed. A third course, Digital Secrets, was also listed as part of their offerings, but as of today, it’s not found on their website anymore. This makes eCom Domination the only online course available on Leapvista.

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The curriculum is what you can expect from a training course focused on dropshipping. It first teaches you how to build your own eCommerce website. Shopify is the most commonly-used platform in this case, though there are others that teach you on using Amazon. The next lesson will then focus on the products that you’re going to sell in your shop. You’ll learn to determine some of the more profitable niches around, and how you can find suppliers for the products you want to sell (which is always going to be AliExpress). Finally, you’re also going to learn how to market your e-Commerce website in order to gain leads and customers. For this training program, it teaches you how you can promote your shop using paid ads from Facebook and Google. One of the more interesting lessons in Leapvista is that it also teaches you how you can add the products you want to sell on Shopify is a much easier, much less tedious process, using tools like Oberlo or Dropified.

As with any courses of this kind, Leapvista’s courses don’t have a price tag visible on their website. But according to various sources, they’re priced at $997. Admittedly, it’s quite cheap compared to other courses of its kind. But is this course and the business model going to work for you as well? It depends on a lot of factors, really. What you need to do for your e-Commerce store is to keep working in order to build your brand, make sure that people are aware of you through the use of advertisements, and sell high-demand products. Remember that these days, more and more people do their shopping online. You can use that to your benefit if you know how to keep customers coming to your eCommerce store.

However, you should take note that the market has become way too saturated with numerous sellers who sell similar products. There is just way too much competition now. A lot of well-known brands today have also adapted to online selling, so small businesses like yours are at a big disadvantage. These businesses can also afford to do advertising whenever they want. You have to keep up with that if you want people to buy from you. And trust me, it is not easy to break into the mainstream.

You also should not expect your profit margins to be good when you just started. Take note that other people also use the service, so those people are also your competition. There is no way to predict how much profit you can make, but yes, it all depends on your efforts.

But in the end, it’s still up to you if you want to enroll in one of Leapvista’s online courses. However, you should prepare to do a lot more work to succeed here, and don’t expect to get the same results that these gurus claim. You can’t also trust those reviews about Leapvista on Trustpilot, though, as there are plenty of claims that those are made using fake accounts. If I may suggest, I would recommend this awesome online business that I’m doing right now. It’s easy to do, yet can still give you a great amount of income that’s comparable to dropshipping. If you want to learn more, click the link below.

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