Learn Plan Profit 2.0 Review (Ricky Gutierrez)

Ricky Gutierrez

Ricky Gutierrez told those who wants to be told what stocks to buy and sell to do him a favor and get (the f*ck) off the screen. That’s what he says, minus the expletives, on a “Getting Started” video of his Learn Plan Profit 2.0 course. This is because his course doesn’t TELL you how to trade, but TEACHES you how instead. How is this any different from the likes of Scott Bauer’s course, then? Read on for my review to know.

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The difference is simple, really. That is, Ricky not making trading signals the highlight of Learn Plan Profit 2.0. In fact, Ricky doesn’t include any trading signal service alert in the course, whatsoever. Sure, he talks about patterns and indicators for one whole chapter out of thirteen. But it’s meant to educate you, so you can recognize them by yourself. No spoon feeding at all. Personally, I’m more than fine with this setup. If you can’t recognize even the simplest of patterns, then you’re not ready to trade, period.

In fact, I like this better than those who usually promised the whole world and back, but underdelivers so f*cking bad with their “winning” trade signals. If there’s someone who can accurately predict the best time and volume to buy and sell stocks, then they kept their God-given talent to themselves and kept on trading for easy money. But nope, being THAT good is far from being possible too. Those who share trading signals for others to copy, usually the mediocre traders with a knack for sleazy marketing, know that the easiest way to pump the bag is to get some sucker buy their alerts at a steep price than do the actual trading themselves.

This is why I found Ricky’s course refreshing. None of the obvious BS right off the bat. Still, it won’t get an automatic thumbs-up for me. Despite how sh*tty similar courses are, we don’t let it make our standard adjust for the worse as well. So, let’s talk about the deets of Ricky’s course that describes itself as “step by step A-Z video lesson library created to teach beginner traders how to day trade successfully” on the site.

Instead of going bold and big with trades, Ricky is more inclined to introduce his so-called conservative style of trading. This is leaning towards the zen side of (usually chaotic) trading. According to him, this is what made him consistently in the green. As a whole, the course is what he wished he was taught before he started trading.

Signing for the Learn Plan Profit 2.0 will get you access to the following: thirteen chapters with over 70 video tutorials, daily trading stream with Ricky, private group chat for fellow traders, and a chance for a spot in Ricky’s trading headquarters in Chandler, Arizona. The Price of Learn Plan Profit 2.0? Well, Learn Plan Profit 2.0 usually costs around $499 for one time payment or $275 monthly payment for two months.

Learn Plan Profit 2.0 Review

Overall, the price of Learn Plan Profit 2.0 is something I’m willing to shell out for a trading course. If you’re not familiar, the rule of thumb I set personally would be spending only a grand or less for such. However, I’m not necessarily inclined to recommend Learn Plan Profit 2.0 right away. If you’re a beginner trader who wants to learn about day and swing trading on a course that’s fully laid out for you, then you might find Ricky’s course worth something. That is, if you’re also lazy and/or rich enough to not mind paying half a grand for it

Otherwise, I really don’t recommend Learn Plan Profit 2.0 especially if you’re an advanced trader and/or willing to do some Google search by yourself. There’s nothing “secret” found here compared to the videos you can find online for free. They’re just the basics that are conveniently compiled for you and taught by a guy you might like. For the latter, I personally don’t like him for dangling his “little sister” as clickbait recently and for being so shell shocked in an interview when asked why he’s still selling a course if he’s a millionaire. Pfft. 

Besides, I’m also not comfortable with their no refund policy and Ricky’s justification for that. “If you are not ready to invest in yourself, you are not ready to invest,” he says while claiming that this is to weed out the trash out of the serious and dedicated students he wants. Not him giving some lowkey hostile vibes with just a simple explanation of the no refund policy. Personally, I’ll carry the hell on, and skip this one.

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