Legendary Marketer Review (David Sharpe)

David Sharpe

David Sharpe is a 9-year digital marketing vet and CEO of Legendary Marketer. He claims to have generated around two hundred and fifty million sales and educated over half a million entrepreneurs all over the globe. When asked with what he does for a living, he responds with this: turning dreamers into doers and losers into leaders. What a fancy schmancy way to say you’re living off selling courses. More info about him and Legendary Marketer below.

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To be fair to him, he’s not solely dependent on selling courses before. But if you think that’s for the better, then you’re dead wrong. Aside from shouting out products and other (sh*tty) programs as a typical marketer does, he’s also a part of Empower Network before, an MLM company that experienced an epic collapse, as expected if I may add, last 2017. Similar to Legendary Marketer, it also has training, albeit crappy and almost useless, on marketing stuff with a focus on blogging.

The promise of earning money through blogging is just a facade, though. It’s an MLM scam, a pyramid scheme in disguise, through and through. The only way to earn money here as an average person is through recruiting people, so they’ll recruit someone else as well. The process goes on and on until the government notices and stops the illegal activity aka a forceful shutdown, or when the hype dies down and there’s no one else to recruit aka a natural MLM death. In the end, only the top 1%, including David in Empower Network, got a piece of the lion’s share while the rest are probably a thousand bucks or more poorer.

This is why I found the tagline of Legendary Marketer somehow hilarious. “Online marketing education delivered simply and with integrity” is just a manifestation of David being defensive of his past (as he should). 

He’s smart for leaving the said MLM company  a year or two earlier before its eventual downfall. That puts him in the clear of any lawsuit that may pop up and shift the blame solely to  his rather crazy name-fellow partner David Wood. However, it doesn’t change his active involvement in an MLM scam. Majority of people might forget this phase of him, but I don’t. No one really should.

And no, don’t come at me and say that I should just move on from the past and let the man have his character development moment. Nah, I’m afraid to say that David is not over his sleazy ways. Since he’s still a sleazy mothaf*cka, no way I’m letting him off without some words from me. That’s the least I can do to keep people from wasting their mullahs here.

Whatever he’s doing in Legendary Marketer is a mix of his extensive MLM background (there’s more to Empower Network, mind you), and him being smart (yet again) in avoiding the consequences of his scummy actions. Instead of hitting you with an obviously unsustainable business model where only he and his buddies at the top cash in, he’s now doing it the “legal” way. And that’s with bugging you non-stop with pricey upsells while also leading you to become his affiliate and promote Legendary Marketer.

Affiliate marketing is a legit business model, albeit imperfect, but the twist put by David in ONLY teaching you how to promote his program specifically has MLM vibes in it. Not to mention the requirement of purchasing the course you’re promoting first before you can get commissions from selling it.

Legendary Marketer Review

He’s carefully treading the fine line between an acceptable biz and something opposite that will make authorities tail your ass. No one is doing the latter because he’s still running an acceptable and legal affiliate biz, technically speaking. In addition, selling an excessive number of upsells doesn’t put anyone in jail either. At the very least, the program is just not worth your time, effort, and money.

For the pricing, you’ll start with a 15-day Online Business Builder challenge at $7. Within the said time frame, you’ll get daily calls, something required to proceed with the challenge, that are nothing but sales talk of the pricier courses. The most common upsell would be Legendary Marketer’s Business Blueprints Starter package that cost $2,500. 

But wait, there’s more. The Mastermind and Coaching version of Legendary Marketer’s Business Blueprints cost $4,500 and $9,500, respectively. That’s not all, you’ll still need to pay for the program’s affiliate membership and third party tools like ClickFunnels and email autoresponder to get started. That being said, Legendary Marketer, aside from the shadiness of its creator, is just too pricey for me to recommend.

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