Ron LeGrand Review

Ron LeGrand

Ron Legrand looks like he needs to retire from mentoring. Enjoy life, savor the wealth he amassed from doing real estate and this guru thang, and be the number one grandpa ever. Y’know, relax without any business commitment. That’s goal is to retire early, right? It’s either he loves teaching or making more money. Maybe both, who knows? More info about him is in my review down below.

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To be clear, I’m not throwing shade. I swear, I want no beef with some grandpa. Not with Ron, who might call me lazy for not wanting to work in my senior years. No, I ain’t hearing a whole rant about how my generation is doomed and sh*t. All I’m saying is, if it’s all about the buckaroos, you can’t take that six feet underground. Like, chile.

You know what, maybe he’s just like Tom Brady. You can simply leave the work you’re so passionate about, especially if you’re the GOAT [someone call Ron the man, the myth, and the legend… which is something]. But then, Brady just hung up his cleats this year. When will Ron? Not my business, I guess.

Wait, who am I kidding? There’s no stopping Ron when he can do all these on autopilot. That’s what he’s doing right now, sort of. Selling eBooks, pre-recorded videos, or perhaps, letting his team do most of the one-on-one sesh instead of him. He simply needs to record himself once, plaster it all over his offers, and let his employees do the rest.

He doesn’t need to be present to get them monies from fraudulent credit charges either… Uh-oh, did things just escalated real quick? As a disclaimer, he did this around thirteen years ago, back when video training on CDs was the norm. Still, fraud is fraud, and Imma clock that tea.

It’s from a post made by Sta. Ana’s Joe Sullivan in Bigger Pockets. He details how he’s only meant to buy Ron’s $3.95 book, but ends up getting charged $200 a month for several months. He never consented to pay for the latter, didn’t use the pay-site that comes with the said subscription, nor attend a single weekly conference call. He didn’t know he was getting charged at all!

Joe says something about Ron and his company Global Publishing, Inc. sending buncha spam emails. Someone chimes in and mentions that this is how Ron slips the recurring charges. They “notify” you about it in a fine print buried somewhere in one of the spam emails. Good luck seeing that. There’s a reason many don’t.

In the end, seems like paying for anything Ron’s is not worth. His training is just full of vague suggestions and him bragging about how he’s been around for so long in real estate [we know Ron, no need to mention].

If not that, it’ll be downright unethical strategies that require “breaking and/or bending laws” according to a very recent complaint on BBB. Something both predatory and risky that no real estate lawyer wanted to touch even.

To make the matter worse, Ron is very nonchalant in providing a “solution”. Says it’s all good if you use his “genius” contracts and if not, you can just take it up in the court. As if it’s no big deal at all. Evil shit.

He’ll reveal all the dirty tricks up his sleeves if you enroll in his master’s and mentoring program that costs $17,900 and $15,000 respectively. Additional costs on software, lead gen, VA, and web/phone services are not included yet, mind you.

Ron LeGrand Review

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend any of his real estate programs. Him being shady is not a thing in the past. He’s the same ‘ol sleaze and even encouraging others, his unfortunate students, to do the same. You’d figure with all those greying hairs that he’ll learn how to be better, but nope! Ain’t happening!

I won’t suggest y’all to do traditional real estate either. It’s too capital-intensive and risky, especially for beginners. I prefer my biz all online and digital, something I could do wherever, whenever. I do me, you do you. Or don’t.

If there’s one thing we can all agree with, it’s safeguarding our accounts from fraudulent charges. Here are my advice: Use virtual cards with spending/transaction limit and expiration, review your credit card statements regularly, set up alerts, and, of course, the good ‘ol never share your credit card number, the three digits on the back, and the expiration. Don’t let anyone pull a LeGrand on ya, um-kay?

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