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Reviewing Leila Hormozi’s Net Worth

Leila Hormozi

Leila Hormozi is a real life proof that behind every successful man is a woman. But her influence doesn’t stop at being a mere moral support of Alex Hormozi, her hubby. In fact, she co-founded a fitness brand with Alex named Gym Launch. A split image of Meghan Markle and AOC combined, Leila is also deemed as strong and independent just like the two. So, what she’s up to besides Gym Launch? Does she have a multi-millionaire net worth? Scroll below to find out.

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To clear out any misconception, Leila didn’t co-founded the fitness brand just because her hubby wants her to. The truth is she’s so passionate about bodybuilding and powerlifting herself that she actually studied exercise science at Western Michigan University. It’s just a match made in heaven when she met Alex and found out that their interest is very aligned with each other. Partners in business, partners for life. They’re the picture-perfect example of a power couple.

As a quick overview, Gym Launch is a step-by-step training for gym owners to  build a massively profitable gym. Essentially, it’ll teach you how to get clients, how to make more out of them, and how to retain them for life. It could be a life-saver for struggling to keep afloat gyms if all they need is some help on marketing and sales. Usually, this is also linked to Alex’s Prestige Labs, an eCommerce shop that sells diet supplements.

But their stint as co-founders on Gym Launch came to an end when they decided to sell a majority stake of it plus Prestige Labs to APG this year. They’re still a part of it as board members, but with much less authority and control as before. It’s a hard decision to make for both Leila and her husband, but they push through it in the end to make their current biz in Acquisition dot com possible. This is the answer to what she’s currently up to.

To understand how this adds up to her net worth, let’s talk about Acquisition dot com. Based on what I see on the site, Acquisition dot com is a program that’ll help business owners scale their companies through the program’s so-called Value Acceleration Capital. What they do is “majority work for minor interest.” Essentially, this is an alternative way to scale a biz that’ll avoid what Leila and Alex did with their Gym Launch – selling a majority stake for quick cash.

As long as the biz meets the program’s qualifications, Acquisition dot com promises to triple its profit (or more) within the next 5 years. To get considered, the biz must be in one of the following industries: Service Based Internet Businesses; Chain of Brick & Mortar Service-Based Businesses; E-learning, Digital, Education, Consulting Businesses; and Software as a Service (SAAS) or tech-enabled services.

Reviewing Leila Hormozi’s Net Worth

Huh? It’s kinda weird that Leila (and Alex) decided to diversify and not stick to  helping gyms or any fitness based businesses like before. Exploring new options is cool and all, but does she, together with her husband, have enough experience to work with other businesses outside their OG roots? No offense, but I doubt it.  Not with the steep claims on profit when you’re working with businesses that have at least $3m to $50m annual gross revenue.

Y’know, I lowkey doubt their capabilities to scale biz outside their expertise just like how I call cap on Alex’s claims of being a natty right off the bat. Like c’mon bro, Leila’s manly voice, that caught me off guard BTW, is a clear giveaway that she’s doing testosterone. And so are you. Why vehemently deny it when you eventually spill that you’re juiced out on a podcast anyway? Cut the BS. That being said, I won’t personally recommend Acquisition dot com. Better stick to proven consulting firms and private investors than try your luck here.

My skepticism doesn’t creep on Leila having a multi-millionaire net worth, though. The money they got from selling their majority stakes alone amounts to $46.2m. That’s what Alex said on a LinkedIn post where he mentions that he requested for the ability to disclose the said figure. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily translate to Leila’s net worth as they’ll use the majority of it on Acquisition dot com. Still, a conservative estimate of Leila having a $14m net worth isn’t that far fetched.

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