Jess Lenouvel Review (Real Estate Coach)

Real estate gurus – Bill Vaughn, or Craig Proctor to name a few, have already established a community for themselves and for those people who believed in their invented approach. Such approaches have already changed thousands of lives in the real estate industry.  Have you noticed that most of them are males? Well, here’s something new. Jess Lenouvel is also part of this industry and has also helped many people secure their future. How did she become part of the industry? Check out my review of her below.

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Like Bill Vaughn who learned real estate investing through his parents, his dad to be exact, Jess Lenouvel has also a history in real estate through her mother. She shared that her earliest memory was sitting in front of a dining table eating noodles while listening to her mom talk about the deals she was working on. Without any prospects to do after she graduated college, her mom urged her to have a go in real estate. 

Jess got her license at the age of 21 and began to venture into the world of real estate. She had her first professional assignment and she shared “I may look 16, but then I spoke and the clients took me seriously.” Looks may have the slightest impact when doing a presentation but every professional worker out there always looks at the content of the presentation, and luckily they found her worthy of doing the job.

Haven’t had any trouble being a real estate agent since all that she’s doing is a mirror of what she’s been shown and told while her mom’s doing the work during the previous decade and she’s landing deals after deals with that. “ I didn’t care about the sales I made, I just enjoyed helping people find their sacred place of refuge and comfort – a home”, Jess added. 

She’s not the type of agent that offers properties by saying “VIP pricing”, “First access”,  “One-time offer only”, “buy it before the market hits”, “Don’t miss out on exclusive deals”, no, instead she builds connection and empathy towards her clients. She restructures one’s thinking to overcome fears in buying a property but rather she sets options and encourages them to buy the house they wanted and could afford at the same time.

Many considerable factors have happened before she became the woman she is now. Because of all of her successes in the early stages of her life, her first husband became so jealous of her that it led to a point where she became a battered wife. Lost confidence in herself after all that happened, she believed that learning a new skill set will let herself free from the past and rebuild to be a better version of herself. 

While learning real estate from a new perspective, she worked her ass off, determined to rise in a male-dominated territory, wanting to make sure that her successes will be accounted for and not being downed by another guy. During her stay, she spotted a hole in the Toronto real estate market which was experiencing a development boom, at the same time where she found her partner for life.

Jess believes that many realtors still rely on the 1970s marketing techniques where they do door-to-door appointments, print postcards, cold calling and the likes. This is an insufficient way of finding leads and it wastes a lot of time so they decided to create ShopCondos, where Jess wrote sales copy while her fiancé designed the website using youtube tutorials. A successful yet unhealthy way of doing work. She worked 15-18hrs/day, 7days a week because of her fear of hiring personnel thinking that they can’t do the things better than she does.

After getting fed up with all the anxiety and stress and suddenly losing her passion, she decided to take ShopCondos down. That’s a big load taken off of her shoulders. Getting ready for a fresh start, she realizes that she doesn’t want other realtors to experience what she had gone through in the past. That’s where she founded The Listings Lab, a program helping realtors revamp their business, taking them to 7-figures within twelve months without losing the essence of life.

They always say that challenges and difficulties that come to someone’s life makes that person become stronger physically, emotionally and mentally. That’s what Jess Lenouvel experienced before she became the woman she is today, casting women empowerment and helping co-realtors become successful to their crafts while still enjoying the company of their loved ones. And another thing to learn from this, don’t stop doing the things that you love, and it will eventually lead to prosperity.

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