Matthew Lepre Review

Matthew Lepre

Matthew Lepre loves to post candid photos of himself on the ‘Gram that contains at least one of the following: a laptop or phone which he seems very busy fiddling with, a flashy background (car, mansion, or the things you’ll see in a rich man’s hobby) that suggests his millionaire lifestyle, or zero tees for the occasional thirst bait. All of this just to promote his dropshipping course. You better not sign up based on his snaps alone and read my review below about him.

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That’s rule number one when deciding whether you’ll sign up for a course or not – don’t automatically buy the dream someone’s selling. The Lambos and G Wagons that most prototypical gurus flex don’t really matter on how you’ll be successful with their course. It’s the quality coaching and business model that matters.

Rule number two is know who you’re dealing with. That being said, let me talk about Matthew. From a podcast he did in 2020, he mentions that he started getting his hands on the online business space around five to six years ago. At that time, his fam was not really enamored with online selling for a living, and instead, insisted on getting a university degree. He even remembers his momma’s advice before his online business success: “Study hard, get a good job, and become a doctor or a dentist.”

He wanted to make his momma proud, like aren’t we all, and so he worked extra hard to get that degree. Even to a point where he worked three manual labor jobs every day just to support his studies and payment of bills. He did get the pre med degree, but he chose not to continue traversing the path on becoming a dentist. Apparently, some book about entrepreneurship made him think otherwise. That’s his lightbulb moment that changed his mindset for good.

Why become a dentist  when you can earn more while working less as an entrepreneur? That’s what he thought. Since he’s not really into the idea of working with someone else’s mouth for the rest of his life, the decision to switch his career to becoming a dropshipper was easy. The rest is history, him being a winner immediately in the online business space and all, or so he says.

That was Matthew’s story. I can’t blame anyone who sees a good mentor in him as his Aussie accent while narrating the whole thing above is just very convincing that he is. I’ll roll some finger wag here towards Matthew because he can’t fool me, not even with an accent loved universally. And so, I’m very skeptical of his go-to promise that you can replicate his dropshipping success through his Ecom Warrior Academy course.

Matthew Lepre Review

Sure, he can be successful with the thang around five or six years ago. But dropshipping that time is very tamed compared to the beast that it is now. An “easy money” endeavor years ago became the total opposite, the space being saturated and competitive as ever. It’s just not fair to say that dropshipping is still the easiest route to financial freedom just to sell your course about it. “It does take some basic work to start up, but with the right approach, success can be easily achieved,” my ass.

Furthermore, it doesn’t help that his course is reviewed as sh*tty and just a compilation of videos that you can easily find on YouTube for free. Worse, you can barely see Matthew with the mentoring duties and instead, you only “work” with his team. It’s not really acceptable when it’s supposedly a premium mentorship from Matthew himself. But no, you’ll pay the $4,000 price of Ecom Warrior Academy just to get plagiarized video training that is supplemented by a mentorship from a random guy you probably know nothing about.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend Matthew Lepre and his Ecom Warrior Academy course. Why trust a guy who promotes a course as a mentor when he barely participates in the mentoring at all? Don’t be ballsy too and try this sh*t thinking that the 60-day money back guarantee got ya’ back. Nope.  Based on legit reviews online, Matthew and his team will do everything to stall, not replying to your refund requests and making the policy the opposite of no questions asked for example, until the 60 days is over. Just drop it.

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