Reviewing Jeff Lerner’s Net Worth

Jeff Lerner

Jeff Lerner, who’s known for The Millionaire Shortcut, is obviously trying to introduce himself as a millionaire. He’s not the type where he has “daddy’s money” to back him up. Instead, he’s claiming to be a self-made one with his rags-to-riches story – from a broke jazz musician to generating a hundred million dollars in online sales. So, how did he do it? Is he actually telling the truth? Read my review below to find out.

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He didn’t make it to the million dollar club by playing piano for wealthy CEOs nor directing several musical productions. Not with building and managing a restaurant either. The latter actually made him bankrupt with over half a million dollars in debt. This is where he got the label “broke” because he shot himself in the foot. You heard it, he’s not the typical one born out of poverty. I mean, he said it himself that his parents were able to buy him a piano right away when he requested to. No f*cking way they can shell out at least $3,000 immediately if they’re piss poor. 

My point here is he failed himself more than the system failed him. But he’s out here blaming the system, even dragging conventional ways to earn income to the mud, just to sell his rather sh*tty courses on you. The system could be rigged for the rich to become richer (and the poor become poorer), but he shouldn’t be the one telling you that. Not when his way to earn money himself is, spoiler alert, predatory AF too.

Unsurprisingly, his path to the million dollar club, just like the majority of the gurus I reviewed here at Suugly, is through selling courses. The usual rotten apple of the coaching space too as he’s like employing every slimy and shady tactic imaginable. Fake scarcity, upsells galore, peddling useless info as premium – you name it and Jeff does it all.

In fact, he always starts selling his sh*t by implying that you need a millionaire mentor to become one yourself. Conveniently, he’s a millionaire mentor too so his secret sauce to earning lots of money boils down to following him as a mentor and buying his course. F*ck choosing the right business model that’ll fit you , I guess? TBH, I see this as a way to make HIM more money.

If you let yourself go balls deep into his Entre Institute offer, you’ll write five-figure money straight to his bank despite him just talking fluff in his courses. Specifically, Entre Institute would cost you up to $47,381 for the first year and up and $45,345 for the succeeding years for something that has no actionable steps whatsoever. This is the price you’ll pay if you take all his upsells in Entre Coaching, Entre Nation Elite, and Entre Inner Circle. 

You’ll likely get baited to buy the upsells once inside as he’s notorious for pressure selling that remains true to his whole schtick – that you need to follow all his instructions, aka enroll to all the sh*t he’ll push down your throat, to become a millionaire yourself. In this whole ordeal, you’ll likely end up wasting five figures instead of earning seven.

Reviewing Jeff Lerner’s Net Worth

The bottomline here is don’t make him richer. Sure, it isn’t far fetched that he’s legitimately a millionaire guy despite him not disclosing his net worth publicly. However, the possibility that he’s probably honest with his money doesn’t mean he’s worth investing with. It’s the opposite even.

Real talk, why would you trust Jeff with your cash when his own income is built on lies and deception? I’m talking about his involvement with proven scams and financial fraud by the FTC. Read my previous review about him to know the details of his involvement with defunct fraud sites such as MOBE and Digital Altitude.

Ever wonder if there’s any character development for Jeff? I should say nada, none of that at all. If he has some, he wouldn’t work for 8 years and counting with a guy who got directly sued for another scam (see: Carbon Copy Pro lawsuit). It just screams “the bird of the same feather, flocks together,” big oof.

To conclude, I’ll say that he’s likely telling the truth when it comes to his net worth. My conservative estimate for the figure would be around $3 million. He’s not the kind to flex his lambos and he has a very normal-looking (aka average) house instead of a mansion, so I wouldn’t really put him in the deca-millionaire category. And for the last time, I’ll say that don’t throw him more money to make him the latter. We don’t need another deca-millionaire contrepreneur in the making.

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