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Whenever I try to research about a certain person, there are times when I come across another relatively known person who share the same name as the one that I am writing about. It has happened a few times, most recently with sports radio host Amy Lawrence and sports writer Amy Lawrence. You don’t really come across two people with the same name who work somewhat similar jobs. But the one I focused on is sports radio host Amy Lawrence. While I was researching for pastor Leroy Thompson, I came across two athletes named Leroy Thompson who, surprisingly, are both football players.

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The weird thing about it is that Leroy Thompson and LeRoy Thompson is that they were born a few years from each other. LeRoy was born in 1968 while Leroy was born in 1971. LeRoy was a running back for different teams in the NFL for six seasons spanning from 1991 to 1997. Leroy, on the other hand, was a fullback/linebacker for the Arena Football League for thirteen years. The career paths that both of these athletes took after playing football are drastically different. Leroy became a football coach for a few different teams, some collegiate while others were part of the Arena Football League. LeRoy went on to establish his own real estate company. In 2012, he became Tennessee’s regional director for economic and community development.

But back to the actual Leroy Thompson that I am writing an article about. Compared to the two other Leroy Thompson’s that I wrote about in the previous paragraph, there isn’t a readily available profile about Leroy Thompson, Sr. that I could find. Even though the results that showed up when I searched for his name on Google are videos of his sermons that is on YouTube and a bunch of his profiles on different social media platforms. I guess when you’ve established your brand like that, you don’t really need to have an extensive biography. You just kind of have to give out what you’re willing to give out.

The funny thing about the search results about Leroy Thompson, Sr. is that the biography that Google decided to show on their Knowledge panel might refer to some other Leroy Thompson. It’s a surprisingly common name. The Leroy Thompson that they refer to was an author of a book titled “The Bodyguard Manual: Protection Techniques of the Professionals.” I guess the last part mentioning that Leroy Thompson lives in Manchester, Missouri was the thing that would have clued you in that it was a different Leroy Thompson. Leroy Thompson, Sr. is from Louisiana.

Back to Leroy Thompson, Sr. His life story really begins when he was born again under the Christian faith. I honestly don’t know which denomination Leroy was baptized under. There are so many different variations of it, especially in the United States. I guess it’s a Baptist church? It seems that Leroy was of age when he was baptized? Considering that he was ordained as minister in 1975, he was probably in his early twenties.

The more I read about his official biography, the more that I do not understand it. I profess that I am not that much of a religious person. I mean, I believe there is some type of benevolent figure. But it’s really hard for me to commit to it. The way that the biography reads kind of feels like you’re going into this whole thing where you never are the same person as you are before.

Leroy spent years sharing the word of God to as many people as he can. It was through the spirit of God that he decided to change the name of the church he was in into the Word of Life Christian Center. It’s interesting that they stripped the word “church” from it. He managed to increase the membership of the church from 75 to over 2,000 members.

Eventually, Leroy Thompson, Sr. started the Ever Increasing Word Ministries. I think that’s where he started to expand the reach of his church. He went on to write a plethora of books regarding wealth, possibly monetary but likely spiritual. It’s no wonder that he and his ministries have reached a net worth of $10,000,000.

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