Lester Smith Net Worth

There are often times where you just kind of scrape the bottom of the barrel for people to write about. With so many names of random people who are somehow well-known in a certain field, you’d feel like you could never really run out of interesting people to write about. But sometimes you get to a moment where you are stumped to write about a person you don’t really care much for. I still enjoy writing about them, for the most part. But it’s sometimes hard to feign any sort of interest to what they’re famous for.

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I have talked a lot about how I don’t really know much about sports. It may seem like a bit that I would write into a post like this, hoping that somebody who read it. But it’s actually real. I actually do not know much about sports. I know of them. But I never really had any interest in it. So whenever I write about a retired baseball player or whatever, I really lay it on thick that I have no idea what I am talking about. But it’s fine.

Even if I do not have a newfound interest for the topics that I write, I still enjoy being introduced to people that I otherwise would have never known about. I sometimes have written about people that I actually am aware of. Though, most of the time, the people I write about were unknown to me. I always think to myself, “Huh. A person like this exists. Who would’ve thought?”

Sometimes, during the whole research process, I would come across multiple results for people who share the same name. It’s not unusual to have the same name as another person. It’s hard to think of new names that wouldn’t get their child bullied at school for. You just kind of have to rely on the usual names people give to their children. It just so happens that it increases the likely of sharing a name with another person.

Take Lester Smith for example. Judging from that name, you would get a bunch of search results on Google for a person with that first name. How could you not? Lester is a very common first name. Smith, even more so, especially if you from the United States. I feel like there’s a huge chance you’d bump into someone with the last name Smith on the street somewhere in America. It’s just such a common American last name.

I did get a bunch of results for people named Lester Smith who work for a bunch of random places. Though some of the results I got were people with the last name Lester-Smith. I forgot there are people out there with the last name Lester. The search however yielded five results on Wikipedia.

One of the Lesters Smith that I found was for a Canadian football player who played between 1994–2001. The next one was for Lester W. Smith, a game designer who works primarily on role-playing games. Looking at some of his works, I am not really familiar with any of them. Though he has enough of a notable career for somebody to write an entry about him on Wikipedia.

I guess the one Lester Smith that seems worth it to talk about is philanthropist Lester Smith. He’s the only one who somehow has shown up a few different results on Google. Although, it isn’t really enough to write much about. Though, I guess, it doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things.

The main thing you have to know about Lester Smith is that, prior to him doing philanthropic work, he was an executive for an oil company. I mean, it’s hard to do philanthropy work without having any money. I think that’s a major thing you need to have in order to be able to do philanthropy.

It seems that philanthropy was the reason why he worked in the first place. Judging from the articles written about him after his death in 2019, he really gave out a lot of money to a lot of different charities in Texas. Aside from that, he also authored a memoir. At that point, Lester Smith had a net worth of $89,000,000.

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