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Money Leverage System Review (Trevor Berke)

Trevor Berke

Trevor Burke warmly welcomes those who are willing to cough up their email to see his Automation Edition 2.0 webinar. He assumes that they’re the ones interested in using his so-called Money Leverage system to earn a full-time passive income at home. Jokes on him, I’m just in it to hear and review what he has to say. Specifically, I’m here to know if there’s some truth behind his $18k a month income claim. Onto the review, shall we?

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Alright, I might need to tone down the claim I’m probably about to debunk in a wee bit because it’s his own. For the average person, he mentions at least $5k a month income if they opt to use his Money Leverage system. To me, the figure is still eyebrow raising especially when you allegedly don’t need any experience or special skills to do it, but whatever. There’s a chance, albeit very low, that he’s the best at teaching credit repair that it becomes a lucrative biz like he claims. And yes, his business model is the same ‘ol boring credit repair. Yawn.

Not gonna lie, the said chance is already getting slimmer the more he talks in the webinar. To start, it’s not a good look, for me at least, that he’s obviously pulling a cliché narrative from a guru script to justify him teaching financial stuff at a very young age. This time, it’s the college drop-out trope where he’s too dumb to get good enough grades (but somehow not dumb enough to teach a business model with a steep learning curve… smells fishy, I know). It doesn’t really matter since he’s able to earn a sizable income from his biz even without a single A+.

Implying that students should be dropping out of college and, well, go do his thang instead is a very irresponsible thing to do. Just because some people make big bucks after quitting school like Bill Gates, it doesn’t mean that it’ll be the same for everybody else. They’re an exception, not a norm, and the youth shouldn’t be encouraged to skip school altogether. It’s still the safest way to make a living especially if you’re getting decent grades unlike him.

The current  education system, particularly the one in the US, f*cking sucks, but it doesn’t take away the importance of being educated. So, I guess, Trevor better have his hands off the youth (aka his peers because he’s also young himself). Not that I don’t mind him baiting older people, that’s for another story.

Anyhow, after a long-winded talk of why other business models like Amazon FBA are inferior to his, he proceeds to describe his industry, the credit repair one, as something that has an unlimited earning potential while not needing to sell a single thing. Why so?

Money Leverage System Review

Well, he’s claiming that credit repair service is something people desperately need which makes marketing the thang not a requirement (but not really because his Money Leverage system is primarily about Facebook and Google marketing). All that talk to hype credit repair biz as the next big thing (it’s not) while completely ignoring the already huge number of credit repair agencies and peeps you have to compete with. I guess he’s gonna pretend he didn’t know that just to make his business opportunity look good. 

And to cap it off, here’s the three steps from him that you need to follow to start your very own credit repair service: Locate your future clients by posting your offer in Facebook groups, deliver the service through sites like LetterStream, and then automate the first two steps via Zapier, ClickFunnels, and Active Campaign to earn passively. Obviously, all the juicy deets about the Money Leverage system and how-to’s of credit repair would be behind his Automation 2.0 course that costs $1,997.

For the price alone, I won’t recommend following his Money Leverage system in Automation Edition 2.0. Credit Repair is a legit biz, but it’s far from perfect and it’s not something that warrants two grand to learn. Just like Amazon FBA, the credit repair space is already saturated too. In addition, the usual inconsistent income here (you never know when you’ll get your next paying client) is not worth going through the complexities of setting up the biz.

To answer the question earlier, I don’t think you can easily earn $18k here, not even close to $5k. My final thoughts would be don’t settle for less, pick a better business model other than credit repair, and skip Trevor’s pricey course.

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