The Grant Cardone Licensee Program Review

Grant Cardone

If you thought Grant Cardone is CarDONE with offering all kinds of expensive stuff, you’re dead wrong. Man is pushing sixty, but there’s no sign that he’ll retire from bullsh*tting, er, selling anytime soon. This time, he named his offer The Grant Cardone Licensee program. He described it as an investment [a hint that it’ll be goddamn pricey BTW] that has unlimited potential. Oh word? Lemme tell you what it really is below.

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Let’s start with how Grant continues to describe THE Grant Cardone Licensee program [it’s a mouthful, I know]. With the program, you’ll have access to Grant’s books, his programs [Cardone University], his brand [10x, what else?], his used wipes [jk, but I seriously believe that his simps would sadly treasure such], or whatever online training he has, and use it in your stint as a speaker, coach, and/or consultant.

Not only that, but you’ll also get exclusive workbooks, facilitator guides, slides, and support in order to become just like him as a speaker/coach. Like, I understand the value of becoming better at teaching. It just won’t happen under Grant’s training as I don’t consider him a great coach, not even a decent one. To me, he’s more like a good bully salesman with controversial views.  Which is someone I would definitely not aspire to become one if I were you.

The rest of what becoming a licensee will get ya are as follows: License to use Grant’s name and reproduce his programs as your own [Grant taking a cut for every sale, of f*cking course], access to being linked directly to the Grant Cardone Licensee program’s website, and access to “bonus revenue opportunities” where you’ll get commission every time you sell one of Grant’s offers… Wait, did I read that last line right?

Yes, I read that right, reader. Grant really has the audacity to charge an exorbitant fee to potentially have you as his affiliate. I understand nitpicking who’s going to represent your brand, but with the figure he’s asking, this is more of just him being greedy.

“Pay the price today, so you can pay any price tomorrow,” Grant says, admiring yet another pricey offer of his that ensures he— and probably not you unless you’re as sleazy as him– can pay any price tomorrow.  More Gs for Uncle [uhm, grandpa?] G without him breaking a sweat.

Like, why create new stuff when you can just reuse ‘em old ones, mix in a few new gimmicks, slap a premium fee in it, and call it a day. And this f*cker really pulled it off in his Licensee program while tricking others to do the grunt sales work for him. Just wow.

Now, who in the right mind would buy such? You’d think no one would bat an eye, but nope, the testimonials from the licensees themselves say otherwise. While I hate to admit it, the bitter truth is, Grant probably still has “it” to get suckers rally behind him. And here I am, trying my damn hardest, so that you— yes, you reading this review— not be one of those suckers.

The Grant Cardone Licensee Program Review

In other words, I don’t recommend paying for The Grant Cardone Licensee program that cost a whopping $25k! Specifically, twenty-five freakin’ k onetime fee plus a $100 a month license fee. Worse, the former is just the “sale” price, and the initial figure is $100k… I’m not kidding BTW. That’s how expensive it is. My gosh!

And you know what probably inspired him to sell such a ridiculously expensive offer? It’s probably the class action lawsuit filed against him and his company. It was already dismissed before, but thankfully, a federal judge reversed the rulings. He’s once again being tried for engaging in fraudulent and deceptive business practices. Y’know, the misleading statements such as the promise of “unlimited potential” in this very program we’re talking about today.

In other words, this is his desperate attempt to find more suckers to bail him out. Again, I hope you won’t be one of those. Safe to say, there’s a lot more better business opportunities out there besides selling Grant’s sh*tty products and being a part of his problematic cult. Unless you want to waste your money on hearing his 10x this, 10x that bull, avoid him like a plague.

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