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Life Mastery Achievers Review (Tim Han)

Tim Han

Tim Han shared how he overcome his struggles to become a successful life coach in Life Mastery Achievers (LMA) course. He promised to guide his students to become a better version of themselves in just six weeks through LMA. “Before I embarked on the journey with LMA, I was literally a broken mess… over the course of LMA, I somehow managed to start my business that I’ve been procrastinating about for two years, and my children and I are thriving in all areas,” are the words of Damian Jupe in his Facebook post crediting his transformation to LMA. Is there a truth behind Damian Jupe’s words and other similar testimonials? Read this Life Mastery Achievers review to find out.

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Life Mastery Achievers is a 6-week step-by-step course which claims to reprogram your subconscious mind and eliminate your biggest limiting toxic beliefs to achieve your full potential. It is claimed to be a product of over 12 years of in-depth research into Psychology, neuroscience, cognitive behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and human behavior. It is under the Success Insider company founded by Tim Han.

The course is divided into 6 modules (1 module a week) namely Inner Power Mystery, Beautiful State Activator, Clarity and Purpose Roadmap, World Class Performance Blueprint, Unlimited Abundance Secrets, and The Laws of Connection.

The first module tackles issues with self-doubts and inner resistance when making a change. The next module is all about providing proven frameworks and powerful methodologies to help eliminate toxic beliefs quickly. The third is focused on giving you crystal clear clarity on your passions and filtering out the distractions in achieving your goal.

Meanwhile, Module 4 is about uncovering secrets of mastering productivity and discipline to get more done in less time. The fifth module is unlocking the door to magnetic abundance and overcoming what is limiting your potential. Lastly, the sixth module is about developing your communication skills to establish great rapport and build genuine connections.

Along with the 6-week course are four bonuses that are given instantly when you enrolled. These bonuses are the following: lifetime membership to the LMA Online Support and Accountability group, lifetime access to the Unstoppable Mindset Daily Ritual system, access to LMA Methodology Cheat sheets, and exclusive admission to join LMA livestream.

The downside is the course’s expensive price which is around $2497 for onetime payment or 6 monthly installments of $497. Sure, Tim Han is a world-renowned life coach and a famous influencer with over 599k subscribers on his YouTube Channel but is it worth to pay him almost $3k for a motivational course?

Life Mastery Achievers Review

The answer is depending on your expectations and goal for taking the course. If you are already on track of improving yourself and has extra money, LMA can be helpful to speed up the progress of your improvement. This is backed by numerous testimonials in LMA site that claims personal development in terms of their confidence, self-esteem, and general outlook in life after six weeks of taking the course.

For those who are looking at this course for the purpose of starting a business, it is recommended to skip LMA. This is because LMA is only for motivating you to start a business (like Damian Jupe did), but it does not include any specific knowledge to ensure the success and sustainability of one. Instead, it is more practical to save the money for a program or course that shares insights about a specific business scheme. For better options regarding managing a successful business and acquiring tangible skills to enhance your career, you can try programs that discuss affiliate marketing, Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) businesses, and options trading.

If you are suffering from anxiety and depression, it is also much better to consult a mental health professional who can diagnose and evaluate your situation more effectively. They can also prescribe the appropriate therapy or medication tailored to fit you if needed, something a generic motivational course like Tim Han’s cannot. LMA might teach a thing or two regarding personal development and eliminating your limiting toxic beliefs, but it is not a substitute for a proper mental health consultation.

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