Lifestyles Unlimited Review (Del Walmsley)

Del Walmsley

Del Walmsley shared that his path to rethink retirement led him to create Lifestyles Unlimited program. For him, retirement is not a bundle of money but an opportunity to gain passive stream of income. “I didn’t want to just retire, I want to be a millionaire and be the best investor out there,” Del added. Learn more about Del and his program by reading this Lifestyles Unlimited review below.

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Lifestyles Unlimited is a program that discusses topics on real estate and how to use it to earn passive income. The main goal of the program is to decrease your dependence on pensions and savings that you have earned from working pre-retirement. It was founded by Del Walmsley, a multimillionaire real estate investor with his own national radio show.

The standard membership of the program offers several opportunities to learn investing on real estate. First component is the Financial Freedom Program that is a 2-day class that will provide you a roadmap on how to use real estate to gain financial freedom. In this class, you will learn how to acquire single-family home, gradually leveraging your cash flow into groups of single-family home, then moving to large apartment complexes.  

Another component is the 12 Case Study Nights where you will be learning from members who have done their first deals and those who had purchased groups of apartment complexes. The said members will discuss in detail how they financed and closed their real estate deals.  Property Evaluation and Principles of Prequalification class is also included which is basically equips attendees of the skills required to instantly evaluate the value of single-family properties and be able to write offers on the said properties in a span of 30 minutes.

Also, Mastering Basic Property Locating class is offered as a way for students to locate property more effectively and how to communicate well with qualified agent.

Other smaller components such as special events, a Q and A with Member Services team, enhanced online tools, and member discounts on Lifestyles Unlimited company are also included.

Unfortunately, there is no details written on the site regarding their pricing. Further research shows that the entry to Financial Freedom Program is around $500, then they will pitch their membership named Preferred Investor Group (PIG) for around $10,000-$15,000 for the first 2 years and $2,000 thereafter. The cost is quite expensive, but it is expected because buying any real estate properties cost a lot as well.

Lifestyles Unlimited Review

To be fair, a lot has commended the quality of the training on their PIG level since the mentors are proven real estate brokers. The community of the program has received praises of being highly engaged and tightly knit as well. However, the cost of the membership makes this a risky investment especially for beginners and individuals with not a lot of money to spare. Also, there are reviews that indicates more payment is required if you want the mentors to guide you step by step in purchasing real estate. As one of the reviewers in Yelp said, “before you spend $15,000 on the preferred membership, make sure you are really going to use it.”

It is also important to note that Real estate is not for everyone. Aside from the costly membership, you need at least $25,000 to invest in a passive real estate deal. Keep in mind that your money will also be tied up in a passive deal for a very long time and it will be very hard to get your money back if you need it. Ultimately, the industry of real estate has been adversely affected by COVID-19 and it is not recommended to pursue the said business until the pandemic is over.

Lifestyles Unlimited is not a scam. It delivers a class that teaches a thing or two in real estate and provides opportunities to learn real estate through networking and mentorship. Del Walmsley is the real deal too when it comes to real estate, winning Houston Apartment Association and the National Apartment Association Independent Real Estate Owners Investor of the Year Award. However, I am not inclined to recommend the program due to its hefty price. There are also better business models out there that is pandemic-proof unlike real estate.

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