LimeLife Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

Beauty care and cosmetics has been out there for centuries and everyone who uses it, especially those in the entertainment industry are critics of these types of products. Why? Because it is their foundation. The product they’ll choose to use will be their image when their faces are shown in the television and that’s how the people who watched them will remember them. LimeLife by Alcone is one of those products that has aided many people in terms of beauty care and cosmetics.

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LimeLife by Alcone (once known as Limelight by Alcone) is a beauty care and cosmetics company established in 1952 by Alvin Cohen. New York City was one of the thriving places in the theatrical community back in the day (up until now I believe) hence Limelight was introduced. Started from providing eyelashes and stage makeups to showgirls and starlets to being a leader in supplying film, television and theatrical performances.

In my opinion, their most breakthrough point to becoming popular and well-known is when the director of the new upcoming Broadway show back in 1997  “The Lion King” contacted them to provide all the makeups and cosmetics they have to offer. How amazing was that? Even I was astonished when I first learned that because we all know that The Lion King has been one of the greatest cartoons during our childhood. Since then, Alcone has been the talk of the town when it comes to cosmetics.

Today’s LimeLife by Alcone is headed by Madison Mallardi. Over the past seven decades, their product has been evolving and that’s because they want to cater products not just for the best results, but for everyone including those who have skin problems. They aim to inspire and help people recognize their own worth and potential. Madison believes that makeup can change the world not just by using it, but also by sharing it.

To join the company, you have two options. It’s either you buy the basic Business Starter Kit that costs $99 or the Silver Business Starter Kit that costs $169. The silver kit has 4 variations which basically have 4 different kits with different items included in each pack. These one time fees include business tools and an additional $10 monthly for the replicated personal website to remain active that can help you keep track of your business. 

The easiest and basic way of earning commissions in any company is by doing retail sales. You’ll be eligible to gain 20% commissions on product sales if you atleast make $500 of PRV (personal retail volume) and it can be enhanced up to 35% that corresponds to the total amount of products that you sold. There is no inventory needed because their website will suffice in getting orders from your customers.

They have a fast start bonus that can allow you to get up to $800 in your first 100 days upon reaching certain milestones. A bonus of $100 if you reach Star Beauty Guide (TGRV of $5000) in your first 3 months and $200 if you attain it during your first 2 months of enrollment. Enrollers also get a 100% match fast start bonus if their recruits do well in these opportunities.

Enrolling someone will also earn you commissions. Every person you enrolled that attained the Activated Beauty Guide (1000 PRV or more) will get you $50 each. Another good part is your enrollees’ PRV will be added to your PRV for the enhanced sales commission.  You will also get 5% enroller bonus and 3% sponsor totalling to 8% in leadership bonus which is based on your enrollees’ monthly PRV.

They also offer two exclusive LimeLife Rewards to their outstanding Beauty Guides. First is the acceptance to their L’occitane Influencer Program that grants you 20% of commission on affiliate shopping links. L’occitane on Prevence is a partner company which offers a wide variety of products that you can also sell and earn commissions from. Second is the Limelife Investment Fund that can get you up to a $5000 bonus and a share with the Fempire Fund bonus pool. As the investment fund increases, the share also increases.

LimeLife is not a scam. It is a legitimate company that sells skin care products and cosmetics which has been in the industry for more than seven decades. Their compensation plan looks promising but as stated in their income disclosure statement, for a regular distributor who ranks as an activated beauty guide, their monthly income is only $50. No surprise there because it is hard to climb in ranks if you’re already this late into joining.

50% of all MLM participants quit within a year because it’s either they’re having a hard time selling expensive products (even if they’re popular) or recruiting someone in to getting aboard with this kind of business setup. It is already a known fact that 99% of MLM participants lose money according to the FTC, that’s why some are already discouraged from joining. 

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