Limitless MD Review (Vikram Raya)

Vikram Raya

Vikram Raya, founder of Limitless MD, suggests creating an alternate stream of income as a doctor since having a high salary job alone is not enough to have a wealthy life. He also added that the mentioned wealthy life does not necessarily mean a good and happy life. This is why he created Limitless MD to discuss the fundamental beliefs that will change your mindset for the better and be able to have an actual good life. “I am trying to emphasize these beliefs in my life, and I hope to help others do the same,” Vikram added. Read this review to learn more about Vikram’s program.

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Limitless MD is a mindset conditioning program for doctors that promises to improve health, finance, and outlook in life. Basically, the program will enable doctors and medical practitioners to gain the five essential freedoms required for a happy and good life. The said freedoms are as follows: Time freedom to always be in control and live your life on your own terms; geographic freedom so you can work and thrive anywhere; financial freedom that will be able to provide you a luxurious lifestyle; freedom from disease since health is also wealth; and freedom from stress so you are able to live without worrying or doubting too much. The program was founded by Vikram Raya, a licensed cardiologist of Vitology Institute and high-performance mentor. He is also the founder of Viking Capital, a real estate company.

The first course under the Limitless MD lineup is called Be Legendary. It is a strategic one on one calls for six consecutive months that will help its enrollees set goals based on the five essential freedoms and remove the limiting behavior that is keeping them from achieving the said desired goals. Next is Be Limitless course which is same as Be Legendary but will last for twelve months. Lastly, Project Helios is a 100-day project that includes group coaching and access to an 8-week module for success acceleration and mastery titled Tribe of Limitless.

Limitless MD Review

Unfortunately, the pricing of the program offering is not listed on its website. Instead, you must apply first by accomplishing a form. However, it is likely to cost you at least $2,000. The said cost is quite steep for a mindset coaching without an extensive training on a particular business model. Sure, Vikram will suggest ways to earn through real estate, but the actual discussion of the said business model is only accessible via enrolling on his Viking Capital program. The said strategy of Vikram on real estate named real estate syndication also requires a minimum investment of $50,000.

It is also important to note that establishing a real estate business is not recommended until the pandemic ends. From the data recorded by National Association of Realtors, there is a significant decrease in home sales in April and May last year which is comparable to the abysmal levels during the 2007 financial crisis. Both listings and home-buying activities were also down by 40% in April last year.  Other measures of housing demand such as online search activities and queries for agents/offers were also down sharply last year. All the data are based on the U.S. real estate market, but the same downward trend can be noticed on other countries with the most valuable real estate market such as China and U.K. These statistics show how real estate is not pandemic and recession proof. Add its huge capital requirement and liquidity issues, the said business is not for beginners at all.

To conclude, Vikram Raya and Limitless MD is not a scam. In fact, Vikram is a very credible individual and has been featured on several media agencies such as Forbes, NBC, USPAACC, CNN, Fox news, MSNBC, and Yahoo! Finance. He is also highly rated as a doctor, getting a lot of praises from his patients for being kind, genuine, and patient. If you are a doctor or a medical practitioner and would like to be mentored by another doctor, then you might find Vikram’s mindset conditioning program useful and relatable. If you are only looking for a program that will outline a business model and/or not currently working in the field of medicine at all, then I suggest skipping Limitless MD and find a “straight to the point/business model” course that does not require huge sum of investment to start.

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