RE Mentor Review (Dave Lindahl)

Dave Lindahl

RE Mentor is a program founded by *checks title* Dave Lindahl. Upon visiting their site, the promise that headlined it is quite bold. That is, you’ll discover how you could retire in three to five years by investing in multi-family properties. Not only that, you’ll get the info from a five-part video that they offer for free. Free! Knowing Dave, however, I can easily say that his free (and even cheaper) stuff only leads to pricey upsells. Review continues below.

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Y’all know it’s bad news when the mentor in question is notorious for the goddamn upsells. But hey, let’s start this review with all the good sh*t I can say about Dave. There’s one and it’s about the gleaming reviews about his book, Multi-family Millions in particular. Like, you’ll actually get useful info nuggets, they say. Lot of peeps who’ve read the book be pushin’ others to buy it as well, but then they’d also suggest not to pay for any of Dave’s seminars.

When they say seminars, they mean Dave’s real estate mentorship programs such as RE Mentor. That’s the usual case BTW. Even the most diehard fans of his book would talk sh*t about his programs. More importantly, these negative reviews about the thang are from ex-students of his and they’re quite many.

I already mentioned this before, but the first thing you’ll notice on these reviews are their agreement on Dave putting up upsells after upsells. Everything is just sale-sy until you’ve hit his priciest mentorship. Then, it’d be crickets and radio silence. Dead serious here as there are reviews mentioning that their assigned mentors dipped on ‘em completely. Not everyone is a ghoster, of course, but I don’t think other mentors who just don’t give a damn about their mentees are any better.

Speaking of mentors not giving a damn, a reviewer pointed out that it shouldn’t be the case. As she put it, “For the cost of the mastery program, I expected much more guidance and support, especially from my coach.” Quite surprised that she’s able to calmly say this bit when RE Mentor’s mastery program cost a whopping $40k. And oh, you’ll also pay the price of $1.5k for RE Mentor’s three-day seminar before that which is, what, just a high-pressure sales pitch of the forty f*cking k program.

In other words, you’re not going to get what you pay for in terms of coaching. Heck, even the training materials here are a disappointment. The same reviewer along with many others criticized it for being outdated and sh*tty production-wise. Not that I’m surprised, I kinda know it’ll be this bad (borderline scam even) given that a scummy program by Tyler Deveraux is modeled after this one.

RE Mentor Review

A reviewer said it best, Dave and RE Mentor is just “another company trying to make money off of you.” They earn their keep by selling seminars, not by doing real estate. Which is very very bad since they’d promise to do actual transactions with ya. In the end, they won’t and Dave would get away with reneging their promise by changing the name of his stuff every so often. Trying to cover his tracks, but the internet doesn’t forget.

They’re like Jerry Norton, but worse. Instead of finding every flaws on ya deal, they’re like playing dumb which is more infuriating IMHO. Found a good one? They’ll insist on needing more info about it without providing proof of funds and a sponsor to get it. Obviously, the negotiations would be stalled until the deal eventually falls apart. Your blood, sweat, and tears for nothing. And from reviews I’ve read on the web, they not only did this sh*t to one student, but to many others as well.

The bottomline? Stay away from anyone promising to do business with ya when their reputation tells that they’re only here for selling seminars and mentorship programs. Mentorship is not necessarily bad, but the mentors better be walking the talk. In RE Mentor’s case, Dave might have some real estate experience, but the mentors who’ll be assigned to ya won’t. Thus, l don’t recommend it or any of Dave’s programs. Save ya coins for something else, I guess.

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