Hypnotic Influence Review (Jason Linett)

Jason Linett

Jason Linett is a hypnotic language expert who believes that hypnotic influence would eliminate the two biggest obstacles in your biz. These obstacles are his so-called opposing forces that block 98% of all business owners from getting success. Not sure where he pulled ‘em numbers, probably just outta his ass but I’m too afraid to ask. I do know what are ‘em forces he’s talking about and I’ll spill it in my review below.

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Opposing force number one would be you [or your mindset rather] getting in your own way. To be exact, it’s your limiting, negative beliefs that’s holding you back, keeping you from seeing good opportunities, and pushing you to make the same mistakes over and over again. Yup, can’t name a better duo than hypnotists and the very vague limiting beliefs.

Opposing force number two would be buyers not knowing your worth. You can be providing so much value yet no one would still bat an eye towards you and your biz. Why, being a logical choice is not enough as you should also appeal to emotional patterns of your prospects… Patterns that are deep within your prospects’ subconscious mind.

Sh*t’s as deep as Jason is with pseudoscience and all ‘em woo-woo stuff. But before I explain the previous statement further, let it be known that Jason’s Hypnotic Influence program in Business Influence Systems would supposedly eliminate the said opposing forces for good.

The end goal here is to equip you with perfect words that inspire action, so that peeps would say yes to your offer. As Jason mentions, “Change your words, change your business, change your life.” He’d help you get the said change by sharing his quick-win intro divided into four parts.

In part one titled Emotional Intelligence, he’ll teach you how to master your own “state” for confidence and peak performance. Sorry Avatar fans, but I don’t think the dude would teach you how to do some air bending here . That’s fiction and something that ain’t real, although I must say that this alongside Jason’s countless BS is not any different.

Next is part two named Calibration where you’ll apparently learn the exact techniques the world’s most successful sellers use to win over prospects. Said techniques are meant to be used in sales conversions. so peeps would trust you as if they’ve known you for years.

Then, there’s part three named Your Hypnotic Language Toolbox which is said to be a “treasure-chest of short, easy-to-digest videos revealing a wealth of words and phrases proven to create hypnotic influence.” So, it’s whatever dreamy, mind over matter language Jason is using on us in his website right now.

Finally, part four titled Business Applications/Systems includes several ready-to-launch, persuasive systems for website videos, short/long form writing, high-ticket phone sales, and social media strategy. Making an impact by delivering the ideal message to the right audience at the right time, that’s what it is.

While I see how words and its delivery can make or break your biz, I don’t agree with how Jason would change it. Going back to what I said earlier, Jason is obsessed with using pseudoscience as his basis and claim to fame/authority, neuro-linguistic programming [or NLP for short] in particular. Ain’t trusting something that’s inherently shady, y’know.

Hypnotic Influence Review

I’m talking about pseudoscience being presented as actual science despite lacking the rigor required in scientific method. Like, there’s really no science here. No neurology, linguistics, or programming in NLP either. Someone else’s biased anecdotes don’t make it valid. That’s not how “real” science works, you gotta have some real studies to support your claim especially when it’s that absurd.

NLPers like Jason might dismiss the need for solid evidence in their craft just like how lotta people believe, no questions asked whatsoever, that stars dictate their future. And you know what, Imma hit ‘em with a quote from Christopher Hitchins that says: “What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”  ‘Nuff said.

I know how important marketing and sales strategy are in a biz, but I won’t suggest Jason’s Hypnotic Influence offer that costs a significant amount of money [presumably around $1.5k or more] to learn some typa way to do it. It’s like marketing essential oils as a sure cure for cancer, and I ain’t a fan of it.

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