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Paul J Lipsky is offering an online training program that teaches you how you can build a dropshipping business. Yes, it’s the same old stuff when you think about it. But what makes it different is that, instead of starting your online business on either the Amazon, Walmart, or Shopify platforms, he recommends using eBay as your selling platform. eBay is also a rather popular online shopping website, so it kinda makes sense that you may want to set up an online eCommerce store there. But will the method work? And can you really get good profits from dropshipping? The answer can be found during this Dropshipping Titans review.

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Paul J. Lipsky’s history as a business guru is also a bit different than the others. A total Star Wars geek, he’s actually rather well off. He got into law school, graduated top of his class, and passed the bar exam in two different states. Basically, he had a full-time job as a lawyer, and initially, dropshipping was something that he just do to earn income on the side. Problem is, he’s actually not so happy working as a lawyer, maybe for reasons like he wanted to take control of his time, achieve financial freedom, etc. Therefore, after some time, he quit his job and started focusing on eBay dropshipping full-time.

It’s actually a struggle for him, at first. But eventually, he claims to have developed a system that has him now earning consistent income using the business model. In Paul’s first year in business, he did just shy of seven hundred thousand in revenue, even logging in to his PayPal for proof. He also claims that his students are also getting good results in their dropshipping business after they learned the system that he uses. Which Paul claims is actually very simple, once you get it down. It can change your life as it did his, but only if you’re willing to meet him halfway and put in the work.

As for the course content itself, Dropshipping Titans contains a total of 10 modules all-in-all. They are arranged in a step-by-step manner to help you build your eBay dropshipping business. The first module is just an introduction video where Paul Joseph himself will show you how he earned up to six figures in two years and claims that you can achieve that same result by following this course. The second module will teach you how to create your PayPal account, email, and eBay store. This is a rather simple module, so there’s really not much to talk about here.

The third module will teach you how to do product research. You may want to pay attention to this part because it revolves around going on Walmart or Home Depot’s website to find products that you can sell at a higher price. The fourth and fifth modules both discuss how you can create a listing for the products you’re going to sell on eBay. It’s worth noting that for new sellers, eBay limits how many items you can sell to only 10 items. If you want to increase it, you can call eBay and tell them to increase it (it’s still not going to be that simple, though.)

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The sixth module is something that I feel is kind of strange, but it can only be summarized with one thing: Purchase it for them. All you got to do is to take the money they sent you and use the supplier’s website to order the stuff for them. That’s pretty much it. The seventh module discusses a variety of topics, including uploading tracking numbers, answering questions, and avoiding cancellations. Basically, just be nice to the customer and employ good customer service so you can get good reviews from them.

The eighth module is, for me, the most interesting module here. This teaches you how to increase your profit margins on each sale, even if it’s only by cents. You can achieve this by collecting coupons and applying them, buying your products altogether for free shipping, collecting sales tax, and buying discounted gift cards. Joseph will also teach you how to get free shipping for Home Depot products. The ninth module is basically just for teaching you how to use QuickBooks and how to put your orders in a spreadsheet, essentially making your business well-organized.

The last module covers a variety of topics that can’t be grouped together with the other modules. Such as the basic concepts of opening several shops or forming an LLC, showing you how to use LegalZoom, and talking about how you can improve if sales are low. The eBay Dropshipping Titans online course costs a one-time fee of $297, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. But honestly, despite the legitimacy of the course creator, I suggest that you don’t even bother spending any money on this course.

First of all, dropshipping now is a very saturated business model. Despite their claims, it’s still going to be very hard for you to earn over six figures every month because everyone else sure is selling the same thing. Furthermore, why eBay? Paul doesn’t even mention of the benefits of having an eBay dropshipping business over the more popular ones like Amazon or Shopify, so it seems like his income claims could be dubious. Maybe he became rich by selling online courses rather than dropshipping. Finally, the course content isn’t really anything new. You can actually get similar dropshipping lessons from other sources, and many of them are totally free. Thus, to summarize, Dropshipping Titans is not worth your money.

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