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One of the things that I have realized while writing and researching about different personalities is that you never really know who gets famous or what they get famous for. In the age of the internet and creator platforms, there’s just so many different people from all walks of life who have managed to build a following for doing a certain thing. It’s great there are so many people earning money through the internet nowadays. But sometimes you just have to wonder, “Wait, is that a thing people actually do?”

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This may come as a shock to you but I didn’t know who the Liver King was before this. I think I heard them be referenced in one of a videos that I watch on YouTube. But my initial thought about it was that it was just some random joke that one of the hosts said that didn’t get any response. As I did my research, I was surprised to learn that he is an actual person. And not just some character from a television series or a movie that I didn’t watch. Even as I learned more about, I still couldn’t really believe that there’s a person like him out there.

There isn’t really anything to be known about the Liver King’s life prior to being the Liver King. He apparently just popped up on social media posting videos about his lifestyle. All I could really find is that he currently lives in Texas and is in his mid-40s. Sometimes it’s really hard to find information about social media influencers outside of what they show to the world. I could understand why a person like the Liver King, or Brian Johnson, wouldn’t want anybody to know about his life. There’s really no reason for them to disclose information like that.

I still really don’t understand what the Liver King’s entire deal is. If you watch any of his videos, you’d often see him with his bulging muscles doing whatever a Liver King is supposed to do. It just seems like a guy who does really insane workout routines that also eats raw liver a lot. Based on the biography that he has on his website, he was spent almost half his life “reviving the primal patterns that progressed the sole surviving species of genus Homo.” Whatever that means.

The reason that he goes by Liver King is that our early ancestors often favored the liver of an animal as the most delicious part of an animal. I sort of get the reasoning. Liver is really tasty if you know how to cook it. The liver is an essential part of our body so I get why he he favors the liver of other animals as his main diet. Most of what he does and what he posts are in support of the lifestyle that he chose for himself.

The good thing about the Liver King living this kind of lifestyle is that he has the money to support this lifestyle. It’s estimated that his net worth is more than $40,000,000. Not everybody can afford to eat raw liver without it possibly being harmful to them. A lot of his videos would often show him around his mansion in Texas. He has the means to do whatever he wants. And it’s very hard for most people to replicate it. I guess you could easily buy raw liver from a reputable source.

I admit that I am in no way part of the demographic that the Liver King is targeting. There are definitely people who enjoy the content that he makes or will subscribe to the lifestyle that he is promoting. The thing I don’t get is that, while he subscribes to a diet that is based on what our ancestors may have eaten during those times, he still lives a comfortable in his mansion with his wife and kids. Shelter is part of that lifestyle. But it’s definitely weird that he’s still with modern amenities. He can fly to other countries where he could record himself for content. He has a chef that cooks for him and his family. He has all this wealth that I don’t think really existed all that much when people were hunter-gatherers.

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