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James Bonadies’s Local Marketing Vault Reviews


James Bonadie

Many of us in the real world have experienced and still experiencing the 9 to 5 tradition.

Some might be contented with what they have but, a lot of those are tired of the norm and want to live their life to the fullest, and achieve the financial freedom that they seek.

Nothing is wrong in starting with the 9 to 5 jobs since it’s a good stepping stone towards success, but what’s wrong is, getting used to it and not moving forward.

That’s when James Bonadies and Jason McKim came in introducing Local Marketing Vault, creating an opportunity for those who want to get out of the 9 to 5 hell hole and take full control of their own schedule while generating money.

The thing is even the legitimate opportunities are being dragged down due to the countless number of scams online.

That’s what this review is for, for us to determine what’s the difference between Local Marketing Vault and the other “opportunities” out there, and also how will this method help you get out of the 9 to 5 prison.

How will you earn more by doing less?

Now if you want to be a Billionaire so effin bad, this review will help you know the capabilities of the Local Marketing Vault by James Bonadies, and how can this help in your financial freedom journey.

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Who is James Bonadies?

James Bonadie


But first, let us know who’s behind this gig, the founder of Local Marketing Vault, James Bonadies.

James was born in New Jersey on April 19, 1978, where he grew up with an Italian father who taught him how to be a man with a hard-working mindset handling financial wealth with discipline.

At a young age, James didn’t want to play outside with his neighbors.

Instead, he dedicated himself just to reading books about money and marketing, I mean this guy is really on a mission at an early age.

When he finished his high school at Wayne Hills High School in 1998, Bonadies studied at Caldwell University and he got a degree in Economics.

Following his college education, Bonadies worked on a 13-year career in public education, starting as a Business Education teacher and eventually becoming a Vice Principal.

James Bonadies is happily married to his wife, Natalia, and they live in Wayne, New Jersey with their two beautiful children, a boy and a girl.

James worked hard as a teacher and Vice Principal, but he didn’t feel appreciated or paid enough.

That’s why his wife encouraged him to look into making money online, but he faced a harsh reality in this cruel world: he found a lot of scams and schemes that promised easy riches but didn’t deliver. 

With his brave mindset, Bonadies continued his search for a legitimate online business opportunity.

In 2014, he saw a Facebook ad for an online digital marketing course teaching SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Being curious, Bonadies decided to enroll and began learning the ins and outs of SEO.

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Using his Childhood Learnings

After meeting his business partner, Jason Mckim, he quickly found out that finally, he could use the knowledge that he earned while reading marketing and money books.

They teamed up and built their first digital marketing agency, The Local Marketing Vault.

James decided that instead of offering some random services, he rather make some extra money by selling and at the same time, helping others by sharing his knowledge about business.

He and his partner began coaching others who didn’t have any idea to start their own online business.

They taught how to do it, and soon they had a big online business that assisted thousands of entrepreneurs to accomplish their financial freedom.

And now James and Jason, the business duos, finally established themselves as successful and respectable guys for their knowledge of digital marketing. 

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Who is Jason McKim?

Jason McKim

Still curious who introduced James to the business industry? Well, obviously it’s Jason.

Jason lived his life day by day as a financial consultant but as time went by, he thought that his financial consultant life sucks.

Instead, he worked at a law firm and he began his journey to master SEO on the side.

Over the past years, he made the decision to finally build his own company, promising himself to be successful at learning every detail of SEO and paid traffic.

Afterward, he met James and decided to become business partners. This duo works with each other to help people in assembling their business online.

Jason is really good at using paid traffic, especially with YouTube ads. He had a lot of experience in his career, managing a large amount of money for ads.

He was great at getting results and has generated almost half a million leads for high-ticket and local marketing.

He started working with YouTube ads back in 2014 and has been doing it for a while, so he’s got a lot of knowledge and skills that people want to have too.

Jason knows a lot about YouTube Ads and is good at using them to get a lot of leads and manage big budgets.

He’s really good at using paid traffic and digital marketing to help businesses grow.

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Local Marketing Vault

Local Marketing Vault

Now that we have the founder’s background, let’s jump on the gig we’re talking about, Local Marketing Vault.

If you’re also stuck in the 9 to 5 hell hole and want to have a side hustle that could potentially pull you up, then this program is for you.

The Local Marketing Vault promises to help you escape the 9 to 5 tradition with their offers. Online coaching programs, how to create helpful ad campaigns, and provide solutions for your problems.

This program is all about showing you how to earn cash online by setting up a small business.

With Local Marketing Vault guiding you, you’ll figure out how to kick off your own advertising agency and offer services to local businesses in your area.

It’s like they’re giving you the playbook on how to make money by helping other businesses get noticed online.

The platform has a private Facebook group where members can share their success and insights, which can help you learn and grow.

The goal is simple, to start small and eventually distribute work to other people that may lead to passive income with very little effort.

They also offer pieces of training that will teach you how to build your online business empire and how to convince business owners that they need your services.

Some of the key topics that they’re discussing are sales and networking, redistributing work, Google and Facebook ads, creating fascinating offers, building high-converting funnels, and lastly, sales and networking.

Local Marketing Vault has a lot to offer so they could equip those individuals who seek financial freedom with the knowledge that they’ll need. 

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Cost of Local Marketing Vault?

For anyone who wants to have a lifetime membership, I’m glad to deliver this news because they are offering lifetime membership for just $2997.

This payment will give you a gate pass to the core training, bonuses, templates, and access to the Facebook group.

You can also choose to pay monthly over 3, 6, or 12 months, which costs between $3,500 and $4,000 depending on what you prefer.

The course creators also recommend using Agency Toolbox as your client management software. This is a customized version of GoHighLevel with ready-made automation and templates.

The monthly cost for personal use is $97, and it includes all the aspects of Local Marketing Vault.

All the packages come with their training, but the cost differs based on how quickly you want to achieve success.

The more you pay, the more additional tools and benefits you get to help you secure deals with clients faster and make more money.

According to some students, they were able to begin their agency with just the LMV and Agency toolbox.

But be prepared for your wallet to not even shed a single tear because as your business expands, the cost also grows.

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What’s Inside Local Marketing Vault?

There are a total of 24 modules for the entire course of Local Marketing Vault, if you’re curious, here’s what’s inside so you can have a peek before trying it for yourself.

Try not to be overwhelmed by the volume, there may be a lot of modules but each of them is helpful and unique.

1st Module: Getting Started

James and Jason will provide an introduction to the course, giving an outline of what you can expect and how you would navigate through the material.

2nd Module: Getting Clients

In this module, various strategies for acquiring clients will be covered, including cold calling, cold emailing, and advertising on platforms such as Craigslist.

3rd Module: The Vault Mindset

With this, Jason will dive into the importance of mindset in business success. This will emphasize the need for focus and commitment.

4th Module: Vault Marketing Strategy Training

In this module, you’ll be learning about the “Value Ladder” strategy, which involves offering free or low-cost services to build trust with clients before upselling higher-value services. 

5th Module: Vault Services Training

Within the 5th module, you should expect to explore more money-making strategies including SEO, and video marketing.

6th Module: Vault Sales Strategy Training

With this module, you should master the art of salesmanship, from identifying client needs to closing deals and retaining customers, 

7th Module: Building Your Agency

In this module, you’ll be learning how to establish and grow our marketing agency, including pricing strategies, service offerings, and client management.

8th Module: DFY Value Ladder

(Done For You) Value Ladder module is where James and Jason will share their own value ladder strategies, providing templates and examples for you to use as a guide.

9th Module: Funnel 101

So in this module, you will dive into the world of sales funnels, to learn how to create and optimize them using tools like ClickFunnels.

10th Module: Funnel Automation Training

You’ll be exploring the use of email autoresponders and Zapier to automate your sales funnel and streamline lead generation in this module.

11th Module: Vault Software Training

You’ll be acquainted with Local Marketing Vault’s proprietary software tools, including HOWDE and TrueReview, designed to stream like lead management and review generation.

12th Module: Facebook Ads 101 Training

In this module, you’ll be learning the ins and outs of running Facebook ad campaigns, including audience targeting and ad creation so ad campaigns will be effective.

13th Module: Facebook Messenger Chat Bot Training

You will learn how to use chatbots on Facebook Messenger to interact with customers and generate leads in the 13th module.

14th Module: PPC 101 Training

 You will explore the world of pay-per-click advertising, including keyword research and campaign optimization for platforms such as Google AdWords, in this module.

15th Module: Campaign Review

You’ll gain insights from real-world marketing campaigns, with case studies and analyses from James, Jason, and successful students in this module.

16th Module: Weekly Q&A Calls

Participate in live Q&A sessions with the course mentors, to get answers for your burning questions and learn from other’s experiences.

17th Module to 20th Module: Done-For-You Campaigns

Access pre-built marketing campaigns for various niches, saving you time and effort in client acquisition.

21st Module: Local Marketing Vault Tech Concierge

Basically, in this module you will receive personalized support and guidance from the Local Marketing Vault team, It is said that the people here are ready and willing to guide and help you whenever you encounter technical challenges or roadblocks.

22nd Module: Advanced Gold VIP For Paid in Full Members Only

Exclusive content with limited resources only for the members who have paid or purchased the course in full, including advanced sales scripts and funnels.

23rd Module: The 10k Club

There are benefits and rewards for members who will achieve $10,000 or more in sales in a span of one month, including additional support and networking opportunities.

24th Module: Local Marketing Vaullt’s Partnership Program

You will team up with another member in order to cooperate and build your business together, sharing each other’s strengths and expertise.

The modules are unique, with a view to providing comprehensive training and resources that enable you to succeed in digital marketing and lead generation.

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What Makes Local Marketing Vault Effective?

Local Marketing Vault isn’t your typical online course promising overnight riches without breaking a sweat.

Nah, it’s more like your secret weapon for cracking the code of digital marketing and turning it into serious cash.

So, what’s the deal? Why is Local Marketing Vault so darn effective?

Well, first off, it’s all about getting down to business. None of that fancy-pants theory talk here. Instead, they break things down into simple, actionable steps you can actually follow.

No fluff, just real strategies you can put to work right away.

It’s not just you doing all the work alone. You’ve got a bunch of other people hustling alongside you in a special Facebook group.

They share cool stuff, give advice, and tell stories about their experiences. It’s like having your own team of cheerleaders, rooting for you as you go.

What sets Local Marketing Vault apart is its focus on achieving results. They’re not about flashy promises; they’re all about measurable metrics and tangible outcomes.

They’re teaching you how to get leads and generate sales for your clients through Google, Facebook, or other platforms. It all depends on the bottom line.

In addition, a comprehensive curriculum covering everything from lead generation to retention of clients is offered by Local Marketing Vault.

Each module is based on the last one and provides students with a structured approach to success.

Whether you are a new professional looking to improve your skills or an experienced marketing professional who is looking to improve further, then this program is appropriate for any level of expertise, new, or old, doesn’t matter, this program is suited for everybody.

 But it’s the real kicker here, Local Marketing Vault isn’t just about making quick money.

This is about equipping you with the tools and confidence to manage your financial future. It’s about giving you the power to build the life you want on your own terms.

And it’s worth the weight of gold, my friend. 

Reasons to try Local Marketing Vault

A lot of you may still be thinking about why you should try Local Marketing Vault, here are some reasons why you should try LMV.

Firstly, It’s Wide Open, if you think about it, there are tons of different types of businesses out there, and they all need customers.

From house cleaning to towing to dental implants, the possibilities are endless. And with new niches popping up all the time, there’s always room for more.

Plus it’s Affordable, you won’t need a fat stack of cash to get started. A couple of grand will do the trick, and you could even launch with next to nothing.

Compared to other business ventures, it’s like pocket change. No Inventory, No Customers, you won’t have to store, sort, or even ship stuff, and you won’t even have to deal with emails, calls, or complaints.

All you need is you, your laptop, and a WiFi connection, it’s smooth sailing with a handful of happy clients

The convenience you can get with Local Marketing is crazy as you can work from anywhere! Be it at your local coffee shop, at a vacation, or even from a poolside cabana.

As long as you have your WiFi, you’re good to go. 

In addition to that, this method is Long-term, as businesses will always need customers and the Internet is here to stay. It’s like a forever gig.

Lastly, It’s very simple, as the Two-Page website is just drag-and-drop, and they’ve got a top-notch support team that’s ready to help whenever you’re in need.

With that, you may consider this gig as “Semi-Passive”, yes, Semi-passive, as there’s still some grind upfront, but after you set everything up, it’ll be smooth sailing from there.

And get this, the Two-page site that I mentioned? They’re all yours. Even if one of your clients or a business wanted to part ways.

Just look for another business similar to the one that left, so you can easily use the previous format for the newer ones. 

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Final Thoughts

James Bonadie and his Local Marketing Vault, are asking you to pay a fair amount of money to offer you online coaching sessions.

Does it have what it takes to be one of those historic business models that helped a lot of people? Well actually yes.

The Local Marketing Vault is a great tool for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to succeed in their local communities.

It offers specialized strategies to reach local audiences, teaches anyone to have important digital marketing skills, and provides resources to help them implement those skills.

It’s like your ticket to freedom, seriously. They teach you how to kickstart your own ad agency and pitch your services to local businesses.

It’s all about coaching, nailing ad campaigns, and solving any entrepreneurial hurdles you might face.

Oh, and they’ve got this exclusive Facebook group where members swap success stories and tips, which is super helpful for learning and growing.

Come on, let’s be real here, it’s not free. There may be a price tag, but with the facts I’ve gathered, it’s totally worth it. For a lifetime membership, it’s about 3 grand.

Yeah, it’s an investment, and it is not like you’re throwing away the 3 grand for nothing.

The platform is also promoting the support community, where marketing professionals can get to know one another and exchange knowledge.

By helping entrepreneurs reach the mountain’s peak and establish their local businesses, the Local Marketing Vault contributes to economic growth and job creation in those communities.

Plus, it’s easy to use and keeps up with the latest industry trends, making it a valuable resource for sellers.

James and Jason, share wonderful stories, ideas, and techniques on how you should build your business. 

What are you waiting for, then? Let go of the nine-to-five grind, and welcome a life of freedom and satisfaction. The sky is the limit with Local Marketing Vault by your side.

I hope this helps, and if you’re interested in Local Marketing Vault, be sure to check the link below and get right to it!

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