Loci Cycle Review (Jay Cruiz)

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Jay Cruiz has teamed up with his business partner Chris Munch to bring to users a new training that’s designed to get profits by automatically posting to sites like Google News. It’s called the Loci Cycle, and it’s promoted as a unique system and the fastest way to build an online business from scratch as fast as possible. Jay Cruiz is the Chief Sales Officer of a marketing company called AmpiFire, while Chris Munch is not only the CEO and founder of AmpiFire, but he’s also the founder of the popular business website MunchEye. Read on for my Loci Cycle review.

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Loci Cycle comes in the form of an ebook which is given by the creators absolutely free. As for what’s inside the ebook, Jay Cruiz has this to say, “Inside, we’ll reveal how to profit from any offer in any niche using special Loci Farms, even if you don’t have a website. You’ll also discover how to find zero-competition traffic in any niche by using our six-levels-deep strategy, which is gonna blow your mind. Not only that, but how to promote your very own business, products, services, or offers if you have them; how to get any offer or website advertised on Google News, YouTube, mainstream brand name news sites, SlideShare, LinkedIn, social media, high traffic blogs, podcast sites, and more, all using a simple step-by-step, AI-assisted content automation platform.”

“Also, how to post infographic images, ads for any offer in any niche, all across the internet, through high traffic image sites. Plus, how it all comes together to bring you free, targeted buyer traffic, long-term, by increasing your exposure on sites like Google, YouTube, Google News, and a whole lot more; how to get all this exposure in as little as 30 minutes; how you can even apply this to a marketplace like cryptocurrency, for instance, to ride the mega trend without taking any risks or even having to buy any coins yourself.”

“And this is all without having to pay for any ads or needing to create any content from scratch. Just simply follow the steps in the software and it will put it all together for you. Then, you just repeat the cycle on a weekly or a monthly basis. So grab your free copy of The Loci Cycle book now to see how it works, and remember, this is already proven to work, okay? And using an earlier version of this method and software, one of our clients, Justin, made $2,997 in just seven days and kept building from there.”

At this point of the video advertisement, Chris Munch takes over when discussing the success stories of their clients. “Another guy, Adam, made $150 on his first day. And then nothing for a week, and then boom, things just exploded. Greg got to $3,573 per month within just 30 days. Sandra started making $1,500 per month within 19 days. And Iris actually made $1,199 even before investing. All right? Think about that one. And today it’s even more powerful than ever. Now remember, the Loci Method can be an online business in and of itself, even though it’s a very simple one.”

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And to finish off the video ad, Chris says that despite all the features and success stories, it still requires hard work from the entrepreneur in order to bring out the level of success that they claim with the Loci Cycle. And this, I personally agree. There are no secrets to getting rich quickly. If someone’s promising you that, then it’s more likely a scam. The only thing this program provides is smart tools and proven systems to make life a lot easier, and your results much better. “So if you’re ready to put in the effort, this will give you the power to promote any product or offer, all over the internet, with some of the biggest websites on the planet, even if you’re starting from complete scratch,” Chris finishes as he encourages people to download the copy for free.

So what can you get from the Loci Cycle ebook? Basically, it’s just a sales funnel for you to subscribe to their true offering: AmpiFire. It’s basically an A.I.-based content tool that claims to allow you to generate web traffic by posting content on various websites. They call this “Content Amplification.” Aside from this, you’ll also get a website builder of sorts, email coaching, a 90-day challenge, access to a private mastermind community, and more. All of this for a one-time fee of $3,495 or 4 payments of $955. Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

My take on this is simple. It’s difficult to trust any moneymaking system that claims to generate content to drive traffic to your offers. Most of these usually are of very poor quality, and may only make things worse for your marketing. Besides, Chris Munch owns Muncheye, which is known for products that are deemed as “shiny objects,” claiming to have good value, but are borderline scammy. Overall, Jay Cruiz and Chris Munch may be very good marketers, but I find it very difficult to trust their offers.

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