Locked In Leads Review (Gabriel Ansel)

Gabriel Ansel

Gabriel “Gabe” Ansel of Locked In Leads assumes that his prospects have a dropshipping biz before. Why, he insists on making the switch from the said business model to affiliate lead generation. Not that he’s wrong, I personally wouldn’t want to deal with physical products myself. Such a hassle, I know. Regardless, I wanna see what’s up with his Locked In Leads course. Review is down below.

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One hundred percent no fluff, no BS, yada yada. That’s what Gabe says about his Locked In Leads offer. It’s just the tools and steps he’s using daily to get results, he says. Nothing more, nothing less. Sounds good and all, but are his tools and steps worth paying for in the first place?

Before I give you my thoughts, let’s listen to how he’ll sell the course in his sales pitch. He sets the tone by giving a warning. It’s not that serious [or is it?], he’s only reminding us that the opportunity is not for someone who hasn’t run ads before.

He continues, “This video is only for digital marketers, media buyers, freelancers, and people tired of dropshipping, e-commerce, or working for marketing agencies.” Yup, dude is really consistent in trying to make dropshippers switch for good. Which makes a lotta sense after I found out he’s actually a dropshipper before. Post dropshipping clarity, eh?

He then talks about his thoughts on affiliate marketing. One problem he sees here are the gurus and self-proclaimed coaches who haven’t really had much success themselves yet still teaching the thang. They’re acting as if they’re experts… You mean expert fraudster, amirite?

Another one are those who had one campaign that worked well, then flopped afterwards. A one hit wonder like Gotye, somebody that we used to know… Get it? Or should I sing ya “now, you’re just somebody that I used to know.” 

Anyhow, the problem similar to the previous one is they act as if they got a winner. Nah, they’re just lucky it worked once somehow. Finally, he mentions that someone teaching old methods that no longer work are problematic too. Whatever the flavor, these gurus are trying to make money selling sh*tty courses. And that’s bad, of course.

But he’s not like ‘em problematic ones, he says, as he’s someone who’s already running a successful seven figure affiliate marketing business by, again, generating leads for other businesses on Facebook. In Locked In Leads particularly, he’ll show you his winning ads, his top performing copy, images and videos, basically everything you needed to get started today.

If you partner with him, he’ll help you get your first profitable campaign live in a matter of days. Not sure if this is for you? Just treat affiliate marketing as if you’re speedrunning a video game. Sh*t’s done easy with cheat codes no one else has. But he got ‘em, and he’ll give ‘em to you. [Side note, I don’t recommend using cheats on the real speedrunning thang or you’ll be banned!]

So, amidst all the nonsense yapping of his, what Gabe meant with the partnership [“partner with me in my $65k a month biz” blah blah blah] is buying Locked In Leads course itself. Which, I repeat, includes them setting you up a campaign they’re doing themselves. So, actually, it’s just anotha expensive as f*ck affiliate marketing opportunity, and not lead gen. Yawn!

Locked In Leads Review

Speaking of expensive, what’s the price of Locked In Leads, then? Well, Locked In Leads cost a whopping $5,997! Yup, that pricey for a course where he’ll likely instruct you to promote the courses of his buddies, er, personal affiliate managers, and himself. Nope. I’d rather sell hemorrhoid cream on the streets than pay a fortune to sell his affiliate products and use Facebook ads [even the likes of Lucas Lee-Tyson already moved on from this].

In addition, who the hell is he anyway? Seriously, tell me. Besides being a co-host of a podcast named after his other course, I don’t see anything about him or his Locked In Leads course on the web. Like, where’s his social proof that he’s running a seven figure biz? None?

Heck, I don’t see any on his own sales pitch too. All throughout the video, he just repeats nonsense over and over like a broken record. Like, go girl, give us nothing! That being said, I’ll recommend not giving a dime to his good-for-nothing ass. In other words, Gabe’s Locked In Leads course is not worth paying at all.

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