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Get Logo Sales

Get Logo Sales presents the idea of having a profitable logo biz without you posting on social media, competing on freelance sites, or even designing the logo yourself. Sounds like he’s selling hot air, no? The guy behind this automated system named Zak Loveday asserts that he’s not. He’s aware of the possible skepticism which is why he’ll try to dismiss it. Would he succeed in doing so? Find out in my Get Logo Sales review below.

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So, here’s his argument on why his three-step system isn’t BS: He’s showing a screen recording of his PayPal and Facebook ads dashboard, not mere screenshots, so he must be speaking facts. That’s it.

Sure, presenting figures in moving picture is a nice touch since he’s right about screenshots being easily manipulated. The problem is it doesn’t really address the concern of the system working for everyone like he intended.

Is there really a market for low-cost logos? Given that the design instructions will be from a simplistic four-question form, I assume that the output will be generic af too. Those only looking for a logo casually [not open to spend big bucks] would likely create their own logo with free tools like Canva instead.

On the flip side, if someone is serious with building their brand, they’d understand that they can’t incorporate good design principles by themselves and will commission a professional designer. They’d still be involved in the creative process, nonetheless. And no, they won’t click on some Facebook ads [which Get Logo Sales suggest] and impulsively buy a logo.

Before I write all my concerns, let me give an overview of Get Logo Sales and its three-step system. To get your potential clients, you’ll start by running three Facebook ads [same text but different picture] for five bucks each. Focus on the best ad out of three and scale accordingly… Bold to assume that there’ll be a “winning” ad here but go off.

Then, you’ll get your logo sales using his so-called Automated Sales Machine or ASM for short. ASM is composed of the following: A landing page, the four-question form I already mentioned above, upsell for commercial rights, and upsell for pre-designed products.

There would be no free offer, just a cheap, “amazing” deal for $14.95 to weed out time wasters. Upsell for commercial rights and pre-designed products would then cost your clients $50 and $100, respectively.

Finally, you’ll get your logo made for your clients using the Logo Fulfillment System (LFS). Simply put, LFS would make the outsourcing process automated. Once an order is placed, they would be sent to the designers automatically through LFS. Then, using the same system, the designers will send their output back to clients.

Here’s what you’ll get if you buy Get Logo Sales that cost $997: Five-week online course, two beginner-friendly Marketing Messages, fifteen Outsourcing Templates, nineteen fulfillment emails, and an AI hack training.

Meanwhile, the fast-action bonuses are as follows: Access to the plug-and-play ASM, five outsourcing checklists, “My Scale to $50k/mo” strategy, and four live group coaching calls.

Now, here are my concerns: One is the use of Facebook ads. Getting a winning one isn’t as easy as Zak suggests. The trial-and-error phase of testing ads might drag [especially with Get Logo Sales’ lack of in-depth ads training] which is costly af. Doubt logo seekers would click on them either.

Get Logo Sales Review

Another concern of mine is about the outsourcing process. Would there be quality assurance before the logos are sent back to clients? Seems like there’s nothing in place to do the checking which is bad. What if some crap [something like Get Logo Sales’ logo, pffft!] goes through?

Don’t get me wrong here, I really won’t blame the Southeast Asian folks from Facebook [mostly Filos] if they ever submit sh*tty work. They’re getting equally sh*tty rates [at only $5 per logo], anyways.

In conclusion, I won’t recommend Zak’s Get Logo Sales and his three-step system. Not only did he not dismiss my skepticism, but he also somehow made it even worse. Besides the lack of shame on exploiting overseas folks, he’s also very pushy at the end of his sales pitch. He’s like, go all in, ask your friends, sell your clothes, just do whatever it takes to get money for his course… How about no?

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