Lost Creator Academy Review

Lost Creator Academy

Lost Creator Academy touts itself as the best investment for filmmakers, photographers, and content creators. So, essentially, it prides to be THE course for creators. Explains the name besides the term lost. But hey, if you know who’s the guy behind this, it’s self-explanatory actually. The name is Christian LeBlanc, more known as Lost LeBlanc on YouTube. Get it? Lost LeBlanc, Lost Creator Academy… Doesn’t take too much to understand at all. More info about the course is down below.

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Since you’ve probably heard about this from its creator, let’s start the review with discussing who’s Christian LeBlanc first. With the things I mentioned earlier like YouTube and his course about content creation, you’ll probably guess that he’s a content creator himself. Well, he actually IS a content creator and a travel vlogger.

Apparently, he didn’t travel that much before. Or let’s just say that he didn’t start young with all these fancy trips to wherever. You know, he’s not a guy who’s born with a silver spoon in his mouth. In fact, he actually started his travel adventures already with a thought of turning it into his main income source. Also, he did it to escape his depressing 9-5 grind back in 2015.

Mission success for both. He did make a living out of travelling and at the same time, he didn’t have to go back to being the miserable 9-5er he once was before. And that’s also the main selling point in Lost Creator Academy. Learn all the stuff to escape the 9-5 just like he did. Although, no, the course is not necessarily about creating travel content, but actually about creating content no matter what genre or category.

So, this course is not only for aspiring travel vloggers, but also for anyone who wants to grow their online presence and build a brand out of digital content. You could be a personal trainer, a beauty vlogger, or a food blogger— Lost Creator Academy is still the apt course for your content creation needs. That’s what the site says, anyway.

For its core training, you’ll get six modules that are titled as follows: Content Creator Fundamentals, Master Your Photography, Master Your Videography, Build A Profitable Business, Grow Your Online Brand, and Creator Coaches. The first three modules, the creative section, are about the technical stuff like what camera to choose and how to use it. On the other hand, the remaining modules, the business section, are more about the how-tos of landing clients, networking and social media marketing.

Besides the core training, you’ll also get direct mentorship from Christian and his team. Although, I don’t think it’s really the usual where he’ll talk to you one-on-one on cam. It’s more like being able to slide into his (or his team’s) DMs where you can ask whatever. No certainty if it’ll be answered or not. Bummer, really.

Regardless, you’ll also get access to his exclusive creator community once you sign up for the course. This begs the question, what’s the price of Lost Creator Academy, then? Well, Lost Creator Academy costs a one time payment of around $799 or four monthly payments of $225. And just like the similar courses in Real Estate Photographer Pro and Full Time Filmmaker Premium, you can drive down the price of it with the occasional Black Friday deals.

Lost Creator Academy Review

And just like the courses I mentioned above, I’m also wary of the costs associated with pursuing the career suggested by Lost Creator Academy. The required equipment, especially the cameras, are goddamn pricey! Not to mention the software subscription you’ll need as well because, hey, the photo and video won’t edit itself out.

You might argue, c’mon J, I know lot of successful creators that started out with only their sh*tty phone camera. You’re not wrong, alright. But if you’re gonna take that route, it doesn’t make sense to purchase Lost Creator Academy when the first three modules of it boil down to how-tos of using a pro camera well.

Not only that, I’m not too keen on suggesting content creation as a source of income. I’m no Debbie downer, but the chance of getting big on, let’s say, YouTube is very little. I won’t stop you if you have lots of money, time, and passion to spare to make this work. It probably won’t, but, at least, it’ll be just a lesson learned. But if failing here means not being able to put food on the table, then better drop it. Means I would also NOT recommend Lost Creator Academy (which is not a scam BTW). Like, what’s the point?

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