Louis Navellier Reviews

Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier is the editor of Growth Investor, InvestorPlace’s long-running newsletter and advisory service. He’s also a self-proclaimed savvy stock picker and investment prodigy. But hey, maybe his regular appearances on Fox Business News and CNBC is enough proof that he got his labels right. Riiiight? Wrong! Sad to say, these media outlets don’t usually give a damn about someone’s character and will keep featuring the likes of Louis, a sheep in wolf’s clothing, if it prints them money.

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The things I said about the TV channels are also applicable to InvestorPlace. Obviously, the said publishing company don’t mind giving Louis a platform to sell his sh*t. The articles by Louis posted in InvestorPlace dot com also gives the old dude the subtle push he needs to herd peeps to his other sites. Either to NavellierGrowth dot com for more stock advisory programs or Navellier dot com for his money management courses.

That only covers the organic traffic. For paid traffic, he apparently employs the cunning (or should I say conning) expertise of the ad manager behind the now defunct Raging Bull. As the name lowkey implies, Raging Bull is just another sh*tty company that’s load of bullsh*t. But with the magic of paid ads, it became an infamous $137 million fraud machine. Louis is out here attempting to do the same sh*t again.

In contrast to Raging Bull, Louis got slapped by a lawsuit first before getting his hands on lots of paid ads. That’s the saddest part for us, the consumers, here. Like, how’s the dude still able to sell his sh*t despite being proven by the SEC itself that he’s a fraud before even running the scummy Raging Bull ads copycat? Like c’mon, we’re putting first time shoplifters behind bars, but not the man who conned thousands of people out of $31.5 million?

The answer is yes, unfortunately. The man is still free as a bird to con more people. And if I may add, the main reason I call him out as a sheep in wolf’s clothing right away is the fraud he’s done before that put him on SEC’s watchlist. What is it, then? Well, it’s him and his company falsifying deets in the marketing materials for the sake of selling an investment strategy.

He’s passing off hypothetical performance as IRL performance and kept on misleading his clients with BS. To quote the litigation release written in the SEC website, “the defendants (Louis and his company) continued to sell the Vireo AlphaSector investment strategies despite their knowledge that representations about the strategies were false and misleading.” He shouldn’t be getting away with this, but he did.

Part of him getting away here is him being a Florida man, like literally. His Palm Beach mansion next to Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club resort that he’s flexing in his ads? With the Homestead act in the said state, it can’t be taken away from him. With his massive ads like the Raging Bull prior to January 2021, he’s also able to mask his conning ass with some shiny stuff. Above all, he’s counting on people having the memory of a goldfish.

Louis Navellier Reviews

No sh*t, this is something that everyone shouldn’t forgive and forget. F*ck them goldfish, get this fact that the dude is a fraudster straight in ya noggins. Like, IDGAF about the possibility of him having some character development. Bet he’s even turning to be worse given the scummy ads he’s running now. No point of still choosing him and his offers when there’s easily a better option. No need to settle for less, y’all.

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend him and his offers. Not Louis’ cheapest offer in Growth Investor that cost $99 per year nor the priciest Platinum Growth Club that cost $5,995. Heck, he’s not even a good investor to begin with. Take away his fraud history and he’s still THAT terrible— someone that doesn’t deserve a single penny for his stock picks.

Being the opposite of a savvy stock picker, he recorded a pathetic -0.1% returns in a three-year span. I’m not making this sh*t up, it’s all according to the ‘ol reliable Mutual Funds dot com that tracks investors. In other words, he lost money in his stock investments instead of making some. No wonder he’s getting the chunk of his cash from being a textbook snake oil salesman.

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