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Eric Louviere Review (Clone My Agency)

Clone My Agency

Eric Louviere exclaims how his Clone My Agency offer is the must-try side hustle of the year. Like, in his seventeen years of being in the online space, this is the easiest method he has ever seen for running a side biz from home. What is it all about, I’ll tell ya below. Here’s a hint: it has something to do with, uhm, cloning Eric’s agency…

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According to good ‘ol Merriam-Webster, cloning means making a copy of something. Sounds like a term you’ll only hear in movies with aliens and laser beams, but it’s not really that deep. Given the context, Clone My Agency means copying what Eric does with his own agency.

He knows what he’s doing, he says as if he’s already expecting lots of skepticism towards his thang. He also adds that he knows what has to be done to make money online. Why, he has earned tens of millions of dollars already, he claims… Yeaaah, I’m not buying it. Dude can’t even afford the upkeep of the OG Clone My Agency funnel site, pfft.

Anyhow, Eric, who’s looking like the adult tomato-fied version of a South Park character with the same name [can’t help not to point it out], starts his pitch  by saying that he just wants to talk from the heart. No notes, no script, no business suit, no nothing. Not even a proper room as he’s actually doing his impromptu in a car. In other words, he’s not that prepared. Weird flex, but okay.

I do understand that what he wants to project is humbleness and sincerity. But then, t’is the same dude who never fails to mention how he made tens of millions of dollars online. That’s not what I count as being humble, nuh-uh-uh. He’s not being sincere either unless he means it’s what he made in his dreams. Whoops.

Back to his pitch, he eventually explains the business opportunity. Apparently, he and his team provide their clients with an agency where they’ll be able to make money off selling leads. “Everyone on the internet needs leads… people are buying leads left and right,” he persuades, “it sells itself, it’s an easy sell.”

He adds that if you can’t make money selling leads, traffic, or appointments online, then it’s pretty hard to make anything work… that the game is not for ya. In his defense, I don’t think he’s saying this just to drag down peeps with little to no sales chops. Maybe it’s just his way of pointing out how his opportunity is so good, it’s a no-brainer for even the most average person.

To continue, he emphasizes how he’ll do it all for you. He’ll coach you, he’ll plug a clone of his proven (or so he says) agency into your own domain name, he’ll provide you leads that are either from LinkedIn outreach or Facebook ads, yada yada. Heck, his team can also be your closer if that’s the arrangement you want.

If you do the sales call, the income split would be fifty-fifty. If it’s them doing it, then the split turns to forty-sixty. Means forty percent for you, sixty percent for them which is fair, I s’pose. Besides the split, you’ll also need to pay the upfront fee for this Clone My Agency offer that costs around $10k to $15k.

Eric Louviere Review

So, that’s his agency opportunity in a nutshell. To him, it’s not some “gizmo, fly-by-night, loophole, pie in the sky” typa crap that you usually see online. Instead, it’s a six figure business in a box that’s comparable to putting your tollbooth on an existing highway… Wait a damn sec, is Eric just a fatter Joshua T Osborne or what? I swear, I’ve seen Joshua use this odd description before.

But seriously, this tollbooth thang doesn’t make any sense. Like, doing it literally is probably illegal, and just letting your intrusive thoughts win. It is what it is, though. Can’t really ask Eric to be a man of sense when he’s convinced himself that he’s no wannabe guru either.

Yes, you are, Eric. You are a guru, the sh*tty kind unfortunately. It’s been seventeen years, why still in denial? But yeah, I’m really skeptical of his expensive agency opportunity. Lead gen is legit fosho, but I can’t say the same for Eric.

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