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Adam Lucero

Adam Lucero, aptly calling himself the “total human optimization”, says that he knows how to trick one’s brain to kill procrastination forever. No, it’s not procrastination that prevents you from studying your maths. Instead, it’s what halts aspiring entrepreneurs from starting and growing their business. As a coach, Adam believes that his program can turn “ordinary” individuals into Superhuman CEOs. Is he tricking the brain or us? See my thoughts below.

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His mentality revolves around mind over matter. Like, when we set our minds to it, anything is possible. He defied the odds himself as he was able to bounce back from a tragedy that nearly ended his life. And not just bounce back, he was better than ever [or so he claims].

In his pinned IG post, Adam mentions how this tragedy [him getting viciously stabbed in a movie theater] initially plagued his mind with doubts and negative thoughts. He wondered, can he still live his life to the fullest or will it be mediocrity going forward?

But nope, he won’t settle for a mediocre life and did everything he could [as in research the secrets of evolution, biology, psychology… his words, not mine] to build himself up again. “Simply put, I found ways to boost our mental alertness, energy, muscle gain, fat burn, productivity, and happiness,” he adds.

He’s not simply surviving… he’s thriving and winning in life. And he’s willing to share how he did it in a program called Superhuman CEOs [price is presumably around $3k… book a call for the exact figures]. Here’s the premise: Make $20k to $30k every month with your biz consistently by killing procrastination, instilling habits, and taking control of your mind… No stabby stabby in the neck needed.

Apparently, no woo woo stuff required either. What you need instead are the following: Goal clarity with Goal Planning Statement (GPS), Reverse Goal Mapping, self-audit using the Focus 5 Framework, Mind Linking, and Leadership Leverage.

Drafting your GPS means knowing three key elements: One, your goals; two, what roadblocks might prevent you from achieving said goals; and three, what method you’ll use to overcome the said roadblocks. Every decision you make, you then align to GPS.

Reverse Goal Mapping is essentially reverse engineering your goals— working backwards and breaking it down into smaller, actionable steps. Meanwhile, Focus 5 Framework is like the typical KPIs but for your skill, personality, and aspirations.

Then, Mind Linking is about having subconscious attachment to your goals, so that you’re thrilled— not reluctant— to tackle the corresponding challenges ahead. It’s about identifying limiting beliefs [thought we’re not doing woo woo stuff here?], trading them for empowering beliefs, and never falling back to self-sabotaging patterns.

Lastly, Leadership Leverage is about doing more of what you do best while delegating the rest. It’s not a matter of doing it all, it’s making the most out of your strengths while having the humility to recognize your weaknesses and letting others handle it.

Adam Lucero Reviews

Yup, this is one of those programs that focuses on the mindset, and not so much on the business model. Which, simply put, is NOT something I would recommend to aspiring entrepreneurs. Undeniably, there’s value in having a sound mindset. But it’s not enough to start a business, let alone a thriving one, as Adam describes. No number of feel-good affirmations and mind wanking bull from him would trick me to say otherwise.

Killing procrastination and instilling habits might work well for you if we’re just talking about taking out the trash, cleaning your room, or finally doing whatever task you put up for weeks but will only take a few mins to complete. Maybe it can help with ‘em neurospicy struggles, maybe not. It still depends.

However, starting a business is a whole new ballgame. It’s not just being able to start, it’s also about being informed on what type of business to choose and knowing the ins and outs of it. Mere contemplation, manifestation, and ✨vibes✨ won’t cut it.

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