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Anik Singal is the creator and founder of the online company called “Lurn”. Lurn is an online educational platform wherein you can learn various methods and skills that revolve around how you can make money online. Anik claims that If you want to become a high-earning internet marketer, the online training programs provided by Lurn may help you jumpstart your career. But who exactly is Anik Singal? What’s contained inside Lurn, and can this actually help you discover a new method to earn money online and achieve financial freedom? This review will attempt to address all of these questions.

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A little background about Anik Singal. In his younger years, he already knew what he wants to do when he grows up. And that is to be an entrepreneur. However, his family actually wanted him to be a doctor, or in any medicine-related occupation. Thus, he was enrolled in pre-med school. Sooner, he quickly realized that being a doctor isn’t really the path that he wants to do. But he still worked hard, even against his will. But the final straw was drawn when his body broke down due to overworking.

So he decided that he wanted to follow his passion: To be an entrepreneur. So he dropped out of pre–med school to enroll in a business school, a move that many of his friends call really crazy, but his family was supportive nonetheless. And despite numerous challenges that he encountered during his digital business venture, he has finally managed to earn even more money than he expected. It started with almost earning nothing in a full year, to earning around $330 in just a few hours.

And he further developed his own moneymaking system, to the point that, even after all his wealth crashed and he began to plummet into debt, he’s able to quickly regain it all. As Anik claims, while before, he needs 6 years to earn a grand total of 10 million dollars, today, he can now do it in 16 months using his proven system. Due to his success, the name “Anik Singal” has become well-known, and he was recognized as one of the Top 3 Best Entrepreneurs 25 and Under by BusinessWeek Magazine. Anik Singal’s reputation and trustworthiness were noted by many business publications such as Bloomberg, Inc. 500, and Reuters.

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Lurn (a play on the words “Learn”) is an online educational platform that is the culmination of Anik Singal’s expertise in digital marketing. He created and polished digital marketing tactics that consistently earned him millions of dollars. It is a web-based platform that assists you in starting, growing, and maintaining a profitable online business. It is an entrepreneur-focused online education platform. You get to learn a range of different topics in marketing. This includes things such as SEO, lead generation, blogging, influencer marketing, and a lot more.

Lurn also contains an online community of entrepreneurs for those that wish to exchange useful information and debate digital marketing techniques. According to the website, here are the goals of the Lurn platform.

  • Assist people in starting and growing their own passion-driven business.
  • Support big ideas with the potential to change the world.
  • Assist anybody in becoming a successful entrepreneur, regardless of their location.

The Lurn platform contains a variety of online courses that teach students a different method of online marketing. Included within are courses that cater to copywriting, digital marketing, email marketing, digital advertising, Facebook ads, and many others. What’s interesting also is that there are also online courses for other topics like freelancing, personality development, various niches, and others.

The Lurn platform also operates on an affiliate marketing business model, in that if you get accepted to the program and you start promoting the courses within, you’ll get a commission based on the sale. As for the price, one good thing about the Lurn platform is that they’re very transparent about how much their online courses cost. Some of the courses here are totally free of charge, while the more popular courses can easily cost you around $697. Expect plenty of upsells from these programs, though.

Overall, Anik Singal is definitely trustworthy and legitimate, and the Lurn educational platform can be a good place if you’re looking to expand your knowledge about online marketing and how you can succeed with it. Bear in mind, however, that most of the lessons provided here can also be found on various free sources, and some of them may offer better educational quality than what is offered here. So it may not be worth your money in the long run. Basically, for me, Anik much like Dan Lok. He’s just simply a very good marketer and a salesman, but doesn’t really have the technical expertise needed to give their courses a very high quality.

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