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Lynne Austin Net Worth

There is a point in somebody’s life that becomes a defining moment for them. This happens a lot more with people in the entertainment industry more than anywhere else. A scene in a movie or television series, perhaps even a scandal, can be the thing a lot of people will know you for. That could be a positive or a negative, depending on how the person reacts to the attention that they get. They could be proud of that moment, regardless of any impact it has made to them. Or it could be the moment they detest would for the rest of their lives.

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For Lynne Austin, she doesn’t seem to regret the thing that made her recognizable. Not everybody can say that they are the first person to do it. (Sidenote: I am trying to be a bit vague in this paragraph because I don’t want to mention it yet.) But Lynne can certainly say that she was OG. In this case, she was the Original Girl. She was the first ever person the become the first Hooters Girl. Like I said, not everybody can brag that they were the first person to model for a chain restaurant. A very famous chain restaurant, for that matter.

In case you weren’t aware, Hooters is a chain restaurant that started in the United States. The thing that people know about Hooters is that a lot of their servers are women who wear very tight tops and very short bottoms. That’s pretty much their brand. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, I guess? Though, a lot would argue that they’re objectifying women. I tend to agree with that sentiment. But at least the people working there have a job. And they seem to know what they got into.

There isn’t really much to be known about Lynne’s personal life prior to becoming the first ever Hooters Girl. All I could I find is that she has a brother whose name isn’t mentioned that often in the newspaper clippings I managed to find. Her parents are divorced but she mostly kept in touch with her mother for the most part. Annette Austin is basically the archivist of most of Lynne’s media appearances.

Lynne becoming the OG came about when one of the original six owners of Hooters saw her win a bikini contest somewhere in Florida. At that point, Hooters had just been established in Clearwater, Florida. The six owners of Hooters just wanted to find a place that wouldn’t kick them out if they didn’t succeed. The most interesting part about it is the location where they built the first ever branch of it. It was apparently a strip club that went out of business.

Lynne was working an office job when the owners of Hooters got her to work on them to model for the restaurant. That moment basically changed Lynne’s life and also Hooter’s for the better. Lynne becoming the first ever Hooters Girl also lead her to be on the centerfold of Playboy magazine in July 1986. Lynne was pretty much everywhere. It’s interesting ordinary people get catapulted into the limelight like that. Around the same time, she got into a relationship with baseball player Darren Daulton. That relationship lasted a few years. But they broke up. Still, they had a song together.

Her fame as the OG Hooters Girl also lead her to hosting a radio show. She got a lot of traction just for being a model for a restaurant that sells chicken wings and a bunch other food that go with beer. I’m not really sure if and when she stopped hosting the radio show. Eventually, Lynne got remarried and had five kids with her husband. At this point in time, it’s estimated that she has a net worth of about $1,200,000.

Lynne’s pretty much gotten into the role of being a mom now. If you look at her Instagram page, you can mostly see a bunch of photos of her adult children. Like I said earlier, Lynne’s pretty proud of being the first Hooters Girl. It doesn’t seem that the fame went to her head. Hooters still manages to get her involved in some of their events including the year competition they do to crown the Hooters Girl.

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