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One of the people involved in any kind of production are casting directors. Not many know a lot of casting directors by name. But they play a large part in finding actors to play the roles in either film, television or theater. With so many people auditioning for any kind of production, you will need somebody to help facilitate those auditions. Even though that most people won’t really see what a casting directors, they will definitely see who are the people they hired to the portray characters in that one film or television series that you like.

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Even though a director may have a certain actor that they envision to portray a certain character in their work, a casting director helps the director make sure that he gets the best person to play the rest of the characters. Everybody still goes through auditions every now and then. Some people get handed a script because their manager thought they’d do great in it. But everybody else goes through weeks of reading and their lines and performing in front the people involved with the movie or television show. The casting director helps facilitate the audition.

The casting director is part of the entire pre-production process for any kind production that happens in the entertainment. They along with their casting associates help filter through all of the audition tapes to see which people would get a callback to do their performance in front of the director and the producers. It takes weeks for them to go through all of the people they audition for any given role. There are hundreds of actors wanting to get their shot at a major role. And, obviously, the casting directors makes the discernment of who gets called back.

There aren’t really that many casting directors that people know. I think I only know one casting director. But even then, I wouldn’t be able to recognize them if I saw them out on the streets of Los Angeles. I probably should look for what they look like online. But I feel like that’s kind of a creepy thing to do. Still, nobody really knows that many casting directors in their lifetime. Unless you’re an actor, I guess.

Looking at what I could about famed casting director Lynn Stalmaster, he definitely didn’t seem that he would be somebody who would work in the entertainment industry when he was growing up. He and his family lived in Omaha, Nebraska. His father was the one earning for the family. Lynn’s father was an accomplished lawyer who later on became a judge. His family decided to move to Beverly Hills, California I guess to help alleviate Lynn’s severe asthma. It was there that Lynn started to get into theater and radio.

Somewhere along the line, Lynn served for the U.S. Army. After that, he went on to study theater arts at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. Eventually, Lynn started to work in the industry. One of his first jobs was an actor. He did a bit of acting work. But as a back up, in case his acting career didn’t push through, he took up a job as a production assistant. When the casting director working for the same producers retired, he got promoted to be the casting director for five television series that they were producing at the time.

He didn’t actually have any experience in casting people before, but he used his acting experience to emphasize with those that auditioned. He fostered an environment where actors are encouraged to do their best for their auditions. The audition process is kind of grueling for both the casting directors and the actors. You’re spending a lot of time waiting for you to get called to the room. And the casting director and the producers have been sitting there for hours watching people come and go.

Sure enough, Lynn had gotten to a point where could start his own office. A lot of different directors in film and television wanted to hire him as their casting director. He got involved in a few productions that went on to win Academy Awards. In 2016, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded him with an honorary Academy Award. At that point, Lynn Stalmaster had a net worth of $15,000,000.

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