Rapid Profit Machine Review (James Neville-Taylor)

James Neville-Taylor

Rapid Profit Machine (RPM) is a free DFY affiliate marketing program by James Neville- Taylor. True to its name, the program is marketed in an ad as something that can make money quick. Specifically, around $17k of take home money in a week or two as a newbie… I raised an eyebrow here, of course. That amount for a free program? No f*cking way. And I thought the only surprise I’ll get here is James’ eerie voice that doesn’t match his overall vibes. ‘Nyway, onto the review below.

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Like every sane person, I have my doubts from the get-go. Not my fault, the absurd claims don’t stop at making $17k. There’s also text on the program’s site saying that this is the exact clone of the system that James uses to earn six figures a month. Clown stuff, NGL. No wonder he looks like a Dollar Store Will Ferrell, he seems to love making “jokes.” Too bad, it ain’t funny at all.

Before I forget that I’m a reviewer of courses and not a subtle roast machine, let’s check what RPM has to offer first. Going back to the ad, James claims that RPM is a brand new technology, a turnkey system, that’s done for you and can potentially make you lots of money. You’ll get it, he’ll repeat it like a broken record.

After a lot of button clicks here and there, I’m able to create an account on RPM’s members portal. Got some DFY materials on a Builderall account too. Phew! At least, he’s not joking about giving some free content.

For the training in the member’s portal, James discusses the basics of affiliate marketing, Facebook marketing, solo ads marketing, and quick mindset hacks. They’re not too extensive, but not bad for a freebie. The longest lesson under a topic is around 15 minutes long while the usual figure is hovering around 5 minutes or less.

In contrast, the training on email marketing provided by RPM’s email autoresponder partner Mailingboss is significantly longer. 29 lessons and two hours of content in total. Not bad!

The training gets a thumbs up from me as it’s completely free and no strings attached. My bar is set low here as I’ve seen countless gurus offering free “training,” but I end up watching some lousy sales pitch instead. If I could bring back the time I wasted watching those crap, ugh.

However, my praise ends on RPM’s training. Everything else about it shall receive thumbs down with matching boos from me. To start, the site essential to using your DFY materials in Builderall is not free at all. After a 14-day trial, you’ll be charged $69.90 (nice) a month.

You’ll also need to buy traffic in terms of clicks once you run out. Pricing starts at $149 for the Starter package at 100 clicks up to a whopping $9,999.99 for the Traffic Freighter package at 7,500 clicks. Take note that the said clicks don’t guarantee any sales, so you can end up losing money in the process.

Rapid Profit Machine Review

To nobody’s surprise, there’s upsells in the program too. Nothing new in here, it’s the usual catch of programs like RPM with little to no entry cost. Anyway, upsell number one is named Secret Traffic Sources at $7 that provides info on what its name implies. Upsell number two is RPM Pro at $69.97 (funny number again) a month that’ll enable commissions on selling RPM’s upsells. 

Meanwhile, upsell number three named Taylored Stream Trifecta at $97 provides three additional high converting income streams. Upsell number four named Turbocharge upgrade at $297 includes four lead generation software and seven breakthrough calls with high income earners. Lastly, upsell number five named Optin Dojo at $37 – $147 a month is an addon to RPM system to track your sales and engagement.

The additional cost may not look expensive, but they add up in the long run. Just look at the pricing of clicks and you’ll get what I mean. Add the too good to be true claims, I can safely say that I don’t recommend making RPM your side hustle. James may have slightly redeemed himself by providing some basic training on affiliate marketing and the likes for free, but he’s still a clown in the end. Don’t give him your money, ‘nuff said.

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