Passive Channels Review (Jordan Mackey)

Jordan Mackey

Jordan Mackey asks if you’re ready to dominate YouTube this year on autopilot. You’re probably not ready, and so is he. In particular, this dude’s channel is definitely not faceless nor new, yet it’s still not over 50k subs. A far cry from the figure of his successful channel, if he really has one, at 1.5m subs. This somehow didn’t faze him from putting up a new YouTube automation offer at Passive Channels dot com. Review below.

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If you think about it, it just doesn’t make sense that the subs count of his only public channel is that low. It’s pathetic really coming from a dude claiming to generate $60k-$80k monthly off faceless channels. Not even 100k subs for the coveted silver play button, no? Dude reminds me of Caleb Maddix of YTA.

But hey, let’s hear what he has to say about his new Passive Channels offer first. Like, what’s the deal with the course? How is it different from his previous Bye 9 To 5 YouTube automation offer? Dontcha worry, no need for y’all to let ‘em spam your email because I got the deets right here. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

The main topic for today’s “pitch” [he mentions not selling anything, but I highly doubt it] is about the three steps to generate over $10k a month from YouTube on autopilot and surprisingly, without creating any video. Like wut? Lost in translation, perhaps? Maybe he’s referring to outsourcing all the work because taking the statement as-is makes it sound preposterous. 

Like c’mon, how would you earn Adsense money from YouTube, a video sharing website, without creating any videos at all? Jordan didn’t clarify whatever he meant and jumped straight to revealing the steps. Whatta start, really shows how unbothered he is in saying BS. Yikes!

That being said, step number one is choosing your niche. According to him, this is the most important part for anyone who wants to start a faceless YouTube automation channel. Stay away from making relaxing white noise, rain sounds, that stuff. Sure, they’re easy to make, but it also means everybody is already doing it. 

Choosing a simple yet saturated niche means you’re just choosing the easy way out. There’s really an easy way out, he says, but this is not how you do it. Much better if you choose the highest paying, unsaturated niches that pay $30-$50 per thousand views rather than the usual  $4 per thousand views. Wanna know one, be his client and he has a niche reserved for ya… As expected, he’s selling something after all.

Step number two is getting your channel monetized. Which means getting it up to 1k subs and 4k watch hours. It usually takes over a year to get there, but he says that he has a “unique in-house network of resources” that can speed up the monetization process to just a month or even less. That’s essentially the gist, although I don’t get why he has to annoyingly repeat it over and over like a broken record.

Lastly, step three is choosing your content strategy and hiring your team. Contradicting what he suggests in Bye 9 To 5 before, he now calls reposting creative commons content or using TTS as doing the thang wrong. Don’t try to hire from Fiverr and Upwork too, he mentions, and choose someone who’s going to stay in the long run “for the lowest rates possible” [see: overseas workers who are sadly okay with piss poor wages].

Passive Channels Review

That’s it, that’s the pitch. Very similar to Bye 9 To 5 besides the advice on content strategy and pricing. Speaking of the price, I’ve seen comments that mention Jordan’s Passive Channel costing a whopping $2k. To think that I’m already not fine paying for Bye 9 To 5 at $397, this is just ridiculous.

Quite frankly, I don’t trust him giving any sensible content strategy at all. Like, what he does is just moving on from one sh*tty advice to another once called out. I got no trust as he’s also already caught lying in 4k before, and presented his ad spend analytics as his revenue. What a dummy just like Kyle Henris who presented figures from a trading simulator as if it’s the real thang [it’s not].

He also has the audacity to admit that he, along with fake gurus such as Kevin David and Tai Lopez, make a living online selling digital courses. We know, dude. It’s just shameless coming from you. He probably thinks everyone is a dumb sucker on the internet. Don’t be one, and never buy Passive Channels or any of Jordan’s offers.

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