Anna Macko Review

Anna Macko

Anna Macko calls herself the one and only “Crypto Queen.” She also titles her lessons to say that her advice “never loses,” although she had to add “almost” on it for legal reasons. And yeah, she already got some authorities looking at her with eyebrows raised recently. What did she do? Is she stupidly good at trading, it’s  almost illegal, or she’s straight up just doing illegal things? Find the answer on the review below.

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First of all, this bad b*tch doesn’t sound competent enough to cook a simple fried egg, let alone give some financial advice. Nope, I don’t count knowing a few buzzwords such as “leverage” and “candles” and spouting ‘em like it’s a god-given gospel as competent. It’s on her disclaimer, anyway. She’s saying ridiculous claims like how she’ll show you a secret to double your income every day, but  note that whatever she’ll reveal in a convoluted mess she called as a course is #NFA aka not financial advice.

So, what’s the sense of throwing her money if you’re not supposed to take her “trading signals” seriously? None, but lots of people are so blinded by the craze of Bitcoin and Crypto that they don’t f*cking mind such. But you should since signing up for Anna’s course and learning from it is so much worse than going blindfolded in a casino. I’m sorry but throwing some sh*t on the wall and hoping something will stick is not acceptable. Not in Crypto trading and not when you’re getting it from an expensive AF course.

To answer the question above, she’s just straight up doing illegal things instead of being stupidly good. In fact, one of her courses on generating passive income at consistent 8% returns or more got shut down by the authorities because, surprise surprise, it’s a scam. Of course, she’s lowkey trying to spin it as a “big government bad” kind of thing where they don’t want you to know about lucrative investment opportunities . No Anna, you’re not allowed to sell that sh*t anymore because it’s an obvious bullsh*t.

Besides the illegal things, she’s actually stupidly bad at every levels imaginable. Her being terrible at crypto investments is a given, but she’s also bad at writing (blogs, email, and scripts copy), pretending to be someone else, and making believable testimonials.

Regarding her writing, I would really not mind a few errors here and there. Nobody’s perfect, myself included, so I wouldn’t be a grammar police for mistakes you can count with your fingers. However, I’ll drag her for this since she’s basically plaguing every sentence with it (the errors just like how she speaks) plus the inconsistent figures and narratives. I can forgive lots of sh*tty grammar and misspelling too, the bar is set so low and all, but not the latter.

Anyway, she could’ve hire some proofreaders to fix her sh*t but no, it seems like she’s using it too to weed out unwanted individuals and be left with her target audience – those who dgaf about obvious red flags and would still throw her some money just because they can.

Anna Macko Review

Her skills on making burner accounts is also downright laughable. With the way her “students” defend her from valid criticisms on a forum, you know damn well it’s just her. The words and insults directly lifted from her Instagram posts is already a dead giveaway. Her arguments don’t make any sense too, just like how she speaks yet again, and keeps on flip plopping before she even concludes a single comment. Like, make up your mind and use yo’ brain, girl. That is, if she has one.

Worse, she’s doing this make-pretend thing on her customer support – she’s either responding (or threatening her disgruntled customers) as herself or as a personal assistant named Zoey. No sh*t, it’s just her. And oh, this also creeps in on the hilariously fake testimonials posted on her social media accounts. Can’t even hire an actor outside Fiverr who can properly act as a $20k a day earner in one of the interviews slash testimonials, pfft.

Of course, I wouldn’t recommend Anna Macko or any of her courses like The 2% Theory that costs $4,997. Why would you buy such a crazy expensive course when it isn’t worth a single cent? Hell, I’ll probably ask her for some money if I had to listen to her BS myself. That’s how bad it is as she essentially spit some mind wanking stuff, because she knows nothing about technical analysis, on a supposedly technical course. Anna Macko who? It’s more like Anna Wacko.

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