Magnetic Mind Review (Christopher Duncan)

Christopher Duncan

Christopher Duncan sure knows how to introduce Magnetic Mind in a way we’ll know what he’s up to. As if his “Harnessing The Power Of Your Superconscious” isn’t clear enough, he followed it up immediately with a claim that we all can “magically manifest” everything we desire. Like brah, we get it, you’re a mindset conditioning coach. A hypnotist in particular… or is he, really? Find out in my review below.

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Here’s his profile first. Christopher, who usually goes by Chris, is the author of You’re Not Broken [along with three other books, including the one he just released this August] who claims to have created three multi-million dollar companies and has travelled the world to talk to over 130k people.

He’s living in Gold Coast, Australia together with his wife Harriet. No mention of kids, and I haven’t seen any on his Insta. Oh, and also, while he’s currently residing in Australia, he’s in fact a kiwi.

He loves his life… the life he has right now. But some circumstances made him hate it before. He hated it before because his business partner and closest confidant in Mark Deason died unexpectedly. He hated it more because he’s also failing to keep his business afloat after that fact. He’s been doing well for years and suddenly, he hits rock bottom.

Fortunately for him, he met Colette Streicher in LA, the gyal that introduced him to mapping the superconscious. Y’know, the concept he’ll preach himself eventually in Magnetic Minds. He was a skeptic at first, calling the thang a watered-down version of NLP.

But then, it hit him. His anger at the world is suddenly gone in a snap after that session. He couldn’t believe it [and so do I… seriously]. He worked with Colette for quite a while, but not for so long… Claims that only after getting mentored by William Whitecloud does he became the “manifesting powerhouse” that he is today.

Cutting ties with those who don’t serve you anymore is valid. But here, I feel a bit of ungratefulness coming from Chris. But hey, I appreciate that he’s honest. It’s the last time he will be, ‘nyways. Ha!

Here’s a rundown of his courses under Magnetic Minds: The cheapest one, excluding the free five-day masterclass, is the Rapid Recode Group Session that cost $49. Then, there’s the flagship Magnetic Mind Masterclass at $4,995. As if the latter course isn’t expensive enough, they also have Magnetic Mind Certification and Superconscious Mastery that cost a whopping $19,995 each!

The price alone is enough reason for me to not recommend Magnetic Minds. But the truth is, it’s problematic beyond its exorbitant price tag. Here, Chris is not only about “fixing” your confidence, and helping with social anxiety, public speaking, and such. He also mentions curing blindness and diabetes…

Yep, it’s like, all types of illnesses be gone! The nerve to make such ridiculous claims when he’s no licensed doctor, psychologist, nor health professional! Not even a hypnotist as they say, more like NLP practitioner and just that. Yet he’s out here saying that he can make miracles like he’s Jesus. My goodness.

From the looks of it, he intends to prey on vulnerable people. Oh, and also those who are simply too optimistic about having a superconscious magic or whatever mind over matter superpower. In summary, he’s selling snake oil to individuals who are either naive or desperate to know better.

Magnetic Mind Review

Honestly, this is not brand new to me. I’ve seen the likes of Marisa Peer and functional nutrition/medicine peeps say similar BS already. But it just occured to me how ableist they are for claiming all these.

With all the people getting disabled nowadays due to long COVID [or whatever you call it], it is incredibly shitty to say that the illness is just in their minds… That they’re just mentally weak, too dumb to seek his unlicensed ass. Bitch, that’s not how it works. Not to mention those who are literally mentally ill, what you gon’ say to them, then?

In a way, he, along with the countless quacks and wannabe healers, could prevent ill people from getting the professional help they truly need. Seems like he’s fine endangering someone else’s life just to make money from his overpriced courses. He indeed loves his life, alright. The lowkey criminal life, that is!

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