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One thing that I have realized about writing articles on different personalities and their net worth is that there’s so many personalities out there. I don’t think I will run out of people to write about any time soon. But there’s definitely of finding people to write about. Obviously you have your celebrities and your CEOs, but a lot of other people have written about them already. There is still a lot of people that you could write about regardless of their fame and notoriety.

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The ones I often write about are lesser known actors who have worked in a lot productions for either film, television or even the theater. That’s just the nature of the industry. There are just very dependable people who get a decent amount of work even if they are not the main focus of the production. It may seem harsh to say it like that. But not everyone gets the chance to become the next big star. I still commend people who do the work even if not a lot of people know about them.

I do think that the challenge for me as the writer of this piece is finding information about them. Because they are not really that well-known, they don’t get interviewed by a lot of publications and news outlets. Not in the way you would expect a big star to do a cover shoot for a magazine like Vogue or GQ. But you have to take what you can get, I guess. The struggle now is how to write about them that uses all the information you could find.

There isn’t really much that I could find with regards to actor Marcello Thedford’s early life. From what I could tell, he grew up in the Bronx in New York. He grew up in a household with parents and other relatives, probably. He went to school and probably graduated. During his adulthood, he took some classes in improvisational theater at the Third World Theater in New York. That’s basically how he got into acting.

It makes sense for an aspiring actor to go to take up acting classes if they want to become an actor. As good as they are naturally, it definitely takes some skills in order to become a good actor. It’s not surprising that Marcello would take classes in New York since he spent most of his life living there.

Eventually, Marcello went to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and television. He started to get roles in a bunch of different film and television productions in the mid-’90s. Somehow he got cast in 1995 film “Dangerous Minds” and the succeeding spin-off television series of the same name. He played too different characters in the film and television version. But it’s insane that he got to work on both versions of it. Like I said earlier, there are certain who just get steady work in the industry without being the lead in those productions. It pretty much applies to Marcello.

Throughout his career, he did have opportunities to portray the same character throughout multiple episodes of a series. In 1996, he got portray a character named Chocolate Wait in show called “The Show” four times throughout its run. Between 2002 and 2003, he got to portray a character named Leon in the medical drama “ER.” One of his longer recurring roles was as Kevin “The Buffalo” James in the ESPN sports drama “Playmakers.” He was actually one of the main cast in that series.

It seems that outside of acting for film and television, Marcello also ventured out to become a social media marketing expert. He wrote two books called “Keep It Social” and “How to Graduate Without a Degree.” It’s definitely a different lane than I was expecting. But a social media marketing expert. He’s definitely not as active on either Twitter or Instagram. By this point, he had earned himself a net worth of about $1,000,000.

There isn’t really much else to Marcello Thedford at that point. Aside from not being active on social media, he also hasn’t really done any acting work since a direct-to-video movie he did in 2016 called “Confessions of Isabella.”

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