Marco Kozlowski Review

Marco Kozlowski

The first thing I noticed with Marco Kozlowski is his undeniably old-fashioned, boomer humor. Just look at his profile, says that he went to school of hard knocks, the university of life. What’s next, learn from the streets? Oh wait, it’s naming his company Wealth: The Formula instead. Hilarious because WTF, get it? C’mon, someone make an IJBOL company right now! Kidding aside, the rest of my review about him is down below.

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Just to be clear, I’m not hating his humor. In fact, I’ll agree to the consensus that the dude is charismatic. A charmer with a gifted tongue as they say. Seeing him talk in front of the camera brings me back to the good ‘ol home shopping days. He’s witty and engaging, albeit sometimes disrespectful.

Oh, and don’t @ me with the last sentiment. I’m not alone, even Amanda North felt the same and mentioned it on a well-known real estate forum in Bigger Pockets. “He is sometimes funny and sometimes very insulting,” she says.

It’s the rude and insensitive humor at times, and not really about being a complete POS behind closed doors. Y’know, not the Jimmy Fallon typa fella who’s getting dragged for alleged erratic behavior off cam. Interestingly enough, both these guys met in NY because of Hamilton a few years back.

But wait, what’s up with one of his core belief? Word for word, he mentioned, “We believe lazy people deserve to be poor.” I audibly gasped seeing that completely offhand remark, like WTF bro [not about his company now]. Although, quite frankly, I’m not surprised to hear this from him. Like I’ve said earlier, he can be quite insensitive.

In my personal experience, I’ve witnessed lotta people get called “lazy” for being disabled, being a neurodivergent, or being stuck in the poverty trap. It’s not that they don’t want to help themselves, they usually just can’t.

Saying that they deserve to be miserable shows lack of empathy IMHO. Marco could’ve at least frame it as him believing in hard work, but nope. He’s waaay too comfortable saying his beliefs without filter. Maybe because he doesn’t see those people as potential clients… His paid courses are hella expensive, after all.

Speaking of paid courses, how does he sell them, then? Well, he’s able to make bank out of those by presenting himself as a well-renowned platform speaker, a real estate investor, and a respected business coach.

As a speaker, he addressed thousands of people from all walks of life and background, and across the globe. Aside from North America, he’s been to Australia, Singapore, and Europe. Media outlets call him “The Top Powerful Speaker in the World” [or so he claims ‘cause I don’t see it anywhere].

As a real estate investor, he denies doing the usual house flipping. He’s not looking for drug dens, burnt out buildings, or rotting homes. Not his cuppa tea. Instead, he claims to buy and own properties that are stable, well-maintained, and healthy. Not banged up, yet they’re still needed to be sold [read: properties of distressed owners].

As a business coach, he has all kinds of “educational” offers. His entry-level ones are the various “preview” masterclass [live conferences about a decade ago] that cost zero dollars. But then, he’ll hit you with the likes of Virtually Invest priced at $2,500… and more, with upsells that could cost up to a whopping $100k!

If a real estate mentorship would cost me an arm and a leg, I’d rather stay away from whoever offered such and invest my money on buying a property instead. While there’s value in courses, shelling out at least six figures to get it is just too much. Learning doesn’t have to be that expensive, period!

Marco Kozlowski Review

Likewise, I advise y’all to stay away from Marco, especially when his problems are beyond his beliefs and the ridiculous price of his offers. Firstly, he’s caught red handed in using misleading ads by Ron Usher, a lawyer from Vancouver, Canada.

In an interview with Montreal Gazette, Ron details how Marco featured a success story of the man in three separate ads. Same man yet his hometown was different every time depending on where the ads were running… Just like how he usually pretends to be European when he’s running ads somewhere in Europe.

In short, Marco was lying. Or more aptly, he’s a pathological liar. He made a long list of people unhappy with him and his shenanigans. Still got a blank space, but please, don’t let him sign your name on it. Because unlike Taylor Swift, he couldn’t show you incredible things. A legit nightmare dressed like a daydream.

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